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This was all Alex's idea for this class. We will talk about what evalutions took place with the fashion world and the history of fashion and Alex will be teaching this class. Have Fun!

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*Abigal walks in, finds a seat and looks to see it is the same teacher who teaches Sewing 411*

"Oh i know this class is going to be fun"

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Tatum Sparkles Tatum struts in with her bookbag bouncing at her side.She smiles sweetly to her teacher.She picks a seat in the back. She carefuly takes the seat not wanting to mess up her mini skirt

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Abigal turns around to see Tatum

"Hey girl, nice to see you i was hoping you would join this class."

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Tatum Sparkles Tatum looks up from her noptebook and quickly covers it up with her arm.She crinkles her nose and answers"weel ya...i had to take atleast one class not just teach a class."Tatum looks up at The teacher and politley raises her hand

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Tatum Sparkles Tatum smiles and answers"
Fashion wasn't invented, it has always been around; when the first caveman tied his toga he created a fashion and its been around ever since.
It is impossible to answer this question with any certainty, as the first written records of people's clothing indicate that fashions -- in the forms jewelry, better fabrics, elaborate hair styles, body painting and particular cuts of clothing -- were already widespread in human societies. Indeed, the practise of ornamentation goes back at least as far as the present homonid species, and possibly farther: shells have been found in the graves of earlier hominids in formations that indicate that they were worn as necklaces and bracelets during life. Whether this was mere fashion or portable wealth or both, it is clear that homo sapiens has always been a dedicated follower of fashion."

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Tatum Sparkles ((i dont think they should its juist an answer but cheyyanne will be the main answer to that quetsion))

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Tatum Sparkles ((no i havent))

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((uh of course ZaZZlez gets 5 points! And i am really sorry i havent been on my conputer was acting up all day. Believe me i would have been on!))

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((um no it isnt this is Alex's class i didnt give you permission to be teacher. At any time you ask to be a teacher, add something to the group, or anything you must wait for a response from me saying that is ok. Alex was doing great as a teacher and she will countine to be the teacher. If you want to be teacher to another class go to the "We need teachers" topic ask again and i will tell you if you can or can not be the teacher.))

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((sorry what does that mean?))

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Tatum Sparkles Tatum raises an eyebrow and looks at the girl sitting next to her.She puts on a collective smile.

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Tatum Sparkles Tatum riaes her eyebrow further and wrinkled her nose.She tilted her head and rested her chin in the fold of her hand. She replies"hm. You have?"

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Tatum Sparkles Tatum nods her head.

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Tatum Sparkles Tatum gets up and walks out oif the classroom

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Chelsea Northrop (chelserz) chelsea walks into class and looks up at the teacher at the dest and quietly says hello im chelsea im new to this academy and I signed up for the class -smiles softly and then looks down at the ground and speaks again- where would you like me to sit?

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Chelsea Northrop (chelserz) *smile*
thank you
*takes a seat in the far corner of the classroom and brings out her notebook and pen waiting for the lesson to begin*

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Chelsea Northrop (chelserz) (((lol alright no problem take care))

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Gabby R. | 18 comments Olivia walked into the Fashion History classroom and repeated pretty much the same routine as she did in her last class. She stood at the door with her head down and waited for the teacher to seat her.

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Chelsea Northrop (chelserz) *haves Olivia to come sit by me, remembering her from hair class*

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Gabby R. | 18 comments Olivia made a little eye contact with Chelsea but then looked up at the teacher for approval.

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Chelsea Northrop (chelserz) *looks at teacher waiting to see if she lets Olivis sit by me*

((btw teacher said shes not gonna be on till tomarrow))

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*Christina enters quietly*

"Hi there..I'm Christina, sorry I'm late... just got a bit lost on the way..."

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Chelsea Northrop (chelserz) *Chelsea looks up at Christina and gives a small smile from her dest*

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