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Story ideas you just want boast about:)

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message 1: by Zanib (new)

Zanib  (dawnofthebooks) I was thinking about writing this story were... (eh, i'll be back, gotta eat dinner)

message 2: by Zanib (new)

Zanib  (dawnofthebooks) were... there are faries that live in a forest, and there are these men who want to cut down all the trees, and one of the men, happen to be the father of a boy who stubles into the faries world, well, i don't want to say too much.. sooo, what d'you guys think so far?

message 3: by Zack (new)

Zack (Myrddin767) | 5 comments hmm, i would have to see a little more plot to say, but sounds promising!

message 4: by Zanib (new)

Zanib  (dawnofthebooks) hehe, i'll write more.
ok, so the boy and this one fairy become close friends, and she tells him to somehow stop the builders from cutting down the forest, and this evil fairy hears their plan, and well, the evil fairy doesnt need the forest to survive, she lives on pollution, and poison, so she casts a spell on the boy that shrinks him to fairy size, wich makes him totally useless..
(well thats the general plot)

message 5: by Zack (new)

Zack (Myrddin767) | 5 comments seems kinda cool, write it up!

message 6: by Zanib (new)

Zanib  (dawnofthebooks) jeez, thx

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