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Goodreads Home Page Change?

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message 1: by Sherri (new)

Sherri (sdmomchef) | 17 comments I just noticed that on my Home page, when a friend has reviewed a book, the friend's profile is the book jacket. Has Goodreads always been like that or is this a recent change? Just struck me today that it seeemed different.

Jeanette (Ms. Feisty) | 66 comments Sherri, Good Reads has made a lot of strange (and irritating) changes lately, but I haven't seen the one you're describing. Maybe it was a glitch that was soon fixed? They have a lot of glitches here. :)

message 3: by Sherri (new)

Sherri (sdmomchef) | 17 comments What is weird is that I just checked my home page and for my "update" of what you are currently reading, instead of your profile pic, the pic on the left is the cover of Making Certain It Goes On. In the past, I swear it was just your profile pic. It could be that I'm losing it! :)

Jeanette (Ms. Feisty) | 66 comments I do see they've got things reversed on my "status" for Making Certain it Goes On. My profile pic is on the left and the book cover is on the right. That's probably what you've seen. They're always tweaking things around here, so it can sometimes be confusing.

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