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Ok, so who saw Deathly Hallow part 1?

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message 1: by Jacquel (new)

Jacquel (clairevioletthorpe) | 67 comments So, who went and saw the movie? Please put your opinions here.

message 2: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) I went and saw the movie, and it was pretty darn accurate to the book. I enjoyed it, and the only changes they made, really, were ones that benefited the movie in some way.

message 3: by Jacquel (new)

Jacquel (clairevioletthorpe) | 67 comments So is it worth seeing?

message 4: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) If you enjoyed the book, you'll enjoy the movie. And if you didn't enjoy the book, then it might be a bit of a stretch. I liked the movie a lot though, and recommend it. :)

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message 6: by Jacquel (new)

Jacquel (clairevioletthorpe) | 67 comments Nah.

One of my friends and I saw it this morning and we ended up walking out the theater because the movie sucked.

Miss Silvertongue (misssilvertongue) It's one of the best in the movie series. I really appreciate it that Warner Brothers decided to split the movie in half; millions of people all over the world get to experience the full, epic ending to the great series.

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Jacquel (clairevioletthorpe) | 67 comments Do I have to explain myself??? I have gotten bored watching OOTP and I refused to see HBP; I saw DH1 thinking it would be better, but NOTHING in that movie could hold my attention for about 30 seconds!! (which is what it takes for me to decide if a movie is worth watching or not)

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Snowsong (kdskid007) Okay, since you're saying that the movie bored you, I REALLY hope that you realized ahead of time that the first bit wasn't going to be action-packed. The first part of the book was supposed to be in-action, not non-stop fighting.

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Snowsong (kdskid007) I love how I'm defending it here, and tearing it down elsewhere... :P

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Savita (haltranger) ...

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Snowsong (kdskid007) *sigh* No, not Harry Potter ftw. This is a group for people who hate them, not those who love it blindly.

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I personally loved the movie! It was great, not amazingly accurate, but it took the good parts of part one pretty well.

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