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Clubs are not really a class, more of a place to talk about the common instrest.
So for art you could talk about.....
- your favorite artisit
- your favorite pieces of art
- some of your own works of art
- and a bunch more!

Also each group will have a "captin" that will be picked by me. The captin will be able to decide who gets to be in the group, and they will get their own office. If you would like to be captin for this group please tell in the princiaples office.

The club wont start role playing till we have a captin and until the captin picks people who can join

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Savannah My charrie (roleplay character) Krystal will be the captain of the Art club.

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Savannah the picture isn't as big as I wanted but I guess it will have to do.

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Savannah so you walk in through the front door and there are to couches (purple and green) with a glass table between them and on the smaller end of each side of the table there is a love seat, one purple one red.

On the left wall there is a doorway (no door) and a table with three computers on it for reasearch and playing on the web. (also the room has wireless internet in case you just want to use your laptop.) Above this table there are three lights (of the one in the center.)

On the back wall there is a coffee maker on a small table and next to it a mini fridge with a microwave on top of it. Also on the left part of the back wall there is a glass door leading to the garden outside.

Through the doorway on the left wall you enter The Sketching/Drawing Room. There are various tables in this room plus tons of paper, pencils, charcoal, name it. In the back or the right wall of the room there is a large glass window that looks out onto the garden in the back of the school. This window reaches from floor to ceiling and is one pane. It takes up most of the wall. There is a door on the left wall of the room this leads to The Camera Room.

The Camera Room is much smaller than the other rooms but here you can develop photos. next to the normal light switch there is a red light switch that makes the light turn red so the developing photos is possible. Also in a a cabinet in The Camera Room there are different photography and video cameras that you can rent upon asking Krystal, The Head of the Art Club.

Back in the main room, I guess I'll call it the living room. on the right wall there is another doorway that leads to The Painting Room. Here there are many easels, paints, canvases, and any other types of things you would need for painting. There's a cabinet in the room that contains any supplies needed.

The paint room is wood floor, as is the sketching/drawing and camera room, but the living room has carpet. (except for under the computers, there's wood floor there.)

The back wall near the coffee maker you can find a remake painting of DaVinci's Mona Lisa.

Also in the painting room you can find a painting of "Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh.

and "A Starry Night Over the Rhone" also by Van Gogh.

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Savannah Hope ya'll like it. Ok. Now let's have the RPing begin:

I unlocked the room with my school card and set the device so that the door would remain unlocked. Walking in I could feel my breath catch in my throat. It was more than I had expected. Soon I was exploring the room.

(reminder my charrie's Krystal.)

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Savannah I opened the door and walked into the comfortable art room. I couldn't help but smile. Walking into the sketching room I kept the lights out and grabbed a seat and began sketching a flower by the chilly window that showed the rainy garden, woods, and light sky.


It was simple but pretty. I looked at the water droplets on the glass of the window and began sketching rain drops onto my flower.

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Savannah It was afternoon and I walked in some time after lunch.

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Savannah I started to doodle some on some sketch paper. Oh whatever. I wasn't in any mood to draw so I put up my things and headed out the back door to the garden.

Right befor stepping out I grabbed a coca cola from the mini-fridge.

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