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Gil Nambatac (kogarasumaro143) | 3 comments Please visit my blogs and contact me if you want to exchange links with me...

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Leo (leyski) | 1 comments Gil wrote: "Please visit my blogs and contact me if you want to exchange links with me..."

ok i will...

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Angelica (angelsalvogomez) | 2 comments Alright! Please visit mine too. :)

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Alyssa Loren Arellano | 2 comments mine too!

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Rgcen | 3 comments Please visit... My Ebooks Collection

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Aimee | 4 comments Check out my book blog for reviews, book events, and library design ideas :-)

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Kathryn Narciso (katarin) | 1 comments Visit and follow my blog:

Thank you! :)

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Sherina (sherinalorenzo) | 4 comments Hello! Visit my blog and write in my cbox if you want a link exchange. ;))


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Charlotte (dearnovelist) | 2 comments Hi! My books 'Over A Cup of Coffee' and 'Song in the Rain' are available for free download from August 19-20 [Pacific Time] on Amazon's Kindle Store. Hope you could check it out. Thank you very much!


Here are the links:

Over A Cup of Coffee:

Song in the Rain:

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