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Special Guest > It's friday! I get Ceridwen!!!!

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Hi Ceridwen!!!

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Hi Alfonso!!!1!

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yay you here!!!!

let's get things started!!!!


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I knew very well that this question was coming, but I didn't prepare any witty comebacks or anything. Sorry!

Um, lessee. The f-word is my favorite cuss. My sainted mother gave me a dictionary containing only the etymology and various uses of the f-bomb for Christmas last year. The gift was both embarrassing and perfect. Thanks Mum!

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guahahahah! nobody is ever prepare! that's what i love about that one!!!

talkin about things your mother gave you... she Named you Ceridwen! now besides having one of the coolest GR names, which just happens to also be your REAL actual name (!), most GoodReaders know you as an inhabitant of the lofty heights at the top of the vote charts, just beneath the blinding pinnacle we know as "Karen". What can you tell us to fill in some of the blanks of who you are and what you like to do when you aren't on GoodReads?

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Team Karen!

Am I never not on Goodreads? J/k, sort of. My life is pretty mundane, not that I'm complaining, because exciting is usually code for conflict and uneasiness. I work as a house painter. I try to grow a garden every year, but I have a talent for killing plants, so it's not that successful. I'm really good at making pies. I suck at Scrabble. I like really bad movies, the kind where things explode for no good reason other than it's SWEET. I hate musicals.

I have a Midwesterner's unease with attention, so it still super freaks me out that I make the lists. I'm not going to pretend I don't put a lot of effort into my reading and reviews, because I do. I just know so many other reviewers that I admire, who write really intelligently, that I feel a bit strange about the contest aspect of the lists.

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Also, I really like LOLcats, but I can't find one right now. I'll come back and edit when I do. :)


Ta da!

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hahahah! LOLCats are the best!! and I'm with you in the bad movies deparment! my favorite senseless car explossion of all times is from Where The Eagles Dare when they throw a car off some cliff and the car just goes BUM!!! FOR NO DAMN REASON!

but let me show off my stalking skills a little bit more!!! i enjoy it!!!

You are half of GoodReads' ultimate power couple! Together with Ninja Sock Puppet, you guys are like the Sonny and Cher, the Bogart and Bacall, the Bill and Hillary clinton of internet book geekdom! You two sometimes communicate to each other via GR posts, when you are sitting in the same room! What can you tell us about how your household changed the day you discovered GoodReads?

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Okay, first off, WHAT THE FUCK, ALFONSO, WHAT THE FUCK? Mr. Sock Puppet got denied access to STUPID, which he is very sad about. He is crying across the kitchen table from me right now.

The day I joined Goodreads, it was like the clouds parted and the sun shone down on me in my nerdiness. Well, okay, maybe not. It took a long time for Goodreads to take over my life, but it did.

[sound of Richard trying to hack into the group]

He's in computers, so we have a really computery household, which is why we're often posting at the same time.

[sound of me trying to justify being a huge geek]

One of my my favorite things about Goodreads is that there's this really active community of readers, and that's something R & I have in common. Plus there's lots of goofing off and unseriousness, and it's cool to be part of that, together.

[sound of NSP's ninja Internet skillz failing]


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My favorite explosive film is the pirate movie Cutthroat Island. Who knew wooden carts have gas tanks that can explode when the cart goes over the hill? I didn't, and it was BOSS.

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hahahahhaha! i'm sorry about that! but i have a really strong policy against sock puppets!

but still!!! let's talk about something not so stalky! some current Goodreads... let's hate on that be!

I'm tired of complaining about that bee, dude. That bee is the bastard love child of Ronald McDonald and Micky Mouse. They say it will only be on a T shirt, but you never know! If people like it (because people suck), it will be on this site too. That's the business world. So here's the question... how do we go forward from here? How do we either tell GR we hate the bee, or how do we face that damn thing every time we log on to GR?

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I've got all kinds of hate for the bee. Hate hate hate!

The thing that cheezes me off the most is how badly done the whole stupid poll has been. It should have been scrapped and re-posted when something like half of the images entered turned out to be plagiarized. Some of them had hundreds of votes, and I'm sure the casual user was never notified that their votes were disappeared.

I'm mostly hoping that the marketing department of Goodreads, whoever that is, is smart enough to realize that a bee holding waffles has nothing to do with Goodreaders, and the bee will just vanish. I know I'm probably giving marketing departments in general too much credit. Crowd-sourcing design is almost never a good idea.

I guess the thing that chaps me the most is that Goodreaders are a pretty eclectic bunch. There's all kinds of subgroups and strata, and people use the site in a lot of different ways. Why not go with the vampire hussy*, who can represent for the vampire hussies on Goodreads? Or the penis tree, not that I want to know the motivations for that one? Whoever put the poll together was not taking it seriously if they included those dopey-ass things, so I don't think I should take it that seriously either.

Also, I just don't wear t-shirts that often.

*Edit: I'm convinced the vampire hussy comes from a published source too, but no one could find it. She looks like a really professional vampire hussy.

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but i do wear t-shirts that often!!! this is a sin!!! i hope the post shirts with only the goodreads logo!

still! back to you!!!

So you just came back from a month hiatus doing a writing stint with NaNoWriMo! This is practically like a real talk show! Tell us about your latest project... and where you will go from here!

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The bee is a crime against nature.

Oh, fuck. I'm still on hiatus until the 1st, but I'm back just for STUPID. Hi Alfonso!!

I've been NaNoing all month, and it's been torture, and an education. I'm still not done with the novel I've been blatting out all month, and I have no illusions that what I'm writing is interesting to anyone but me. I don't know much about the publishing world, and, frankly, hearing from friends who have published books makes me nervous like crazy about trying to do so. Maybe when it's done, and has been edited for the freaking thousands of typos and continuity errors, I can think about that. Right now, I just want to finish it, and feel like it's completed, one way or another.


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hahahahahhahaa! i love the cat! i love your humility! this one goes to my top 5 favorite answers!!!

let's continue! and make it a little bit more personal!

Some GoodReaders have relationships with authors that transcend the word "favorite". Mr. Greg and DFW comes to mind. The other easy example is you and Ursula K Le Guin (UKL). For readers out there unfamiliar with UKL, what can you tell them about her, and what is it in her works which touches you so profoundly?

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Thanks for this question - I love it. It's hard to parse why you love something, because it's always easier to enumerate discontent. And that may be why I love her so much: I feel like she captures joy and transformation, even in hard situations, even in situations that are sometimes fantastic. Her characters struggle, and are flawed and human even when they're not exactly human, and the strangeness of her science fictional situations is about the strangeness of the human experience more than it is about ray-guns or cool technology.

I love how she thinks. I love how she makes me think, and what she makes me think about, and how her stories make me feel. I love that she's a Taoist, and takes the ideas seriously, and doesn't make them into magic. It's not easy to be easy. It's not easy to find that balance between caring too much or too little, caring about the wrong things, finding the right things, holding onto them, knowing when to let go, and when letting go hurt more than holding on, and the opposite. I was, and am, often angry about things, about people, and while sometimes my anger soothes me - I know this is a weird thing to say - I like that she makes me think about the effects of that anger. I just read somewhere - and maybe this is a DFW quote - that novels are exercises in empathy for the reader - they make us understand another person, and walk around a bit in their experience in a way that's not possible in our normal lives. This is why I love her - her exercise of empathy feels real to me.

Plus, Eh! got UKL to send me a letter, on paper, and it was the coolest thing I've ever experienced. She's beautiful, and my Grandma.


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awwwww! that's so sweet! how you do that? adore a person so much and not sound creepy???? i wish i could do that!!!

ok... i hope you ready for this one!!!

Cuz you knew this one was coming!...You guys all met up at that Babe reunion, and everybody denies nothing sexy went down, but obviously there is NO WAY nothing sexy went down, so just spill the beans and tell us what we came here for!
Also, what up with not inviting me for all the single ladies to get their Dominican Experience (see Marie's interview)?

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You're right, it was all sexy all the time, because smart women are sexy. There were thousands of pillow fights and some hair braiding. We ate donuts and walked in the park, hand in hand.



I didn't know you at all, so I didn't think to ask the Dominican Train to the station.


If there's ever another Babe Fest, you're first on the list.

(I typed "fist on the list" there at first, in my usual typoing manner, and I got to think another TWSS, just fyi.)

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And, this has been awesome, but I have to turn in now, because it's really late here in the Midwest. Thanks for the interview! I'll see you when I'm back from hiatus!

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guahahahahahahh! apology accepted!

but let's bring serious back!!!!

This is a little bit on the serious side. Is GoodReads getting too Facebooky? Should somebody do something? (like what would there be to do?) I think a common experience of many of us is that GR has become less about books over time. (and here I am, on STUPID, so obviously I cannot cast stones ...but still the question lingers in the back of my skull)

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Huh, I don't know that it's too facebooky, but then I like facebook for entirely different reasons. I'm more worried about commercial concerns - like Goodreads becoming too Amazony. Amazon reviews are a wasteland, because they are product reviews and not about the experience of reading. Goodreads is a social network about books, not a shill for products, so I guess I'm untroubled by things that encourage the social aspects. I am troubled by being treated primary as a consumer, which Amazon does. I'm not here to buy things, I'm here to read things and interact with other readers.

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i know what you mean! so far the only improvement i like is the update feed! (i know i know! nobody else does! but i'm a neat freak when it comes to my updates!) but still!!! i hope we dont start getting brainwashed into a commercial amazon!

now while your guard is low!!!!!


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Googleplex and a half points of hotness, of course.

I'm serious about turning in this time - you can't keep tricking me with your fun questions. Have a good night, Alfonso, and thank you for the interview!!!

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how about this? last question! but is the longest ever!!! you can answer it tomorrow if you have time!!!!!!

Gotta end on a fun note! UKL has requested you assist her developing her next novel. Please select one from each group to give us the tale you would most like to read!
(and explain your choices)

Group A- protagonist
1. Eh!
2. Meredith
3. Elizabeth
4. Karen

Group B- setting
1. Portland, Oregon
2. Minnesota
3. the remotest unexplored regions of Delaware
4. the cyber-world

Group C- genre
1. a zombie-laden tale of the apocalypse
2. a comical commentary on 19th century gender roles
3. a bone-chilling noir about mail fraud
4. a steamy celebrity tell-all

Group D- format
1. episolary
2. play
3. novel
4. crossword

P.S. this been fun!!!

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Sweet. I'll think about this and get back to you in the morning.

Thanks again.

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*knuckle crack*

I would choose all of the protagonists, because it would be a fantastic group. I'd want her to write about Portland* some more, because she writes really movingly about the place she lives. For Group C, I think I have to go with zombies, even though that doesn't seem like UKL's speed. (I spent some time last night in my insomnia watching small sections of "The Walking Dead" and then freaking out and switching to some cop movie. Let me tell you, don't watch zombie movies to cure insomnia. Especially when you're a phobic to begin with.) Anyway, I bet UKL would turn the zombies into some kind of rich, melancholy metaphor about the loss of identity caused by desire for things, and the zombies would shuffle, and we would feel bad for them, not afraid. I almost want her to write it in epistolary form, just because I hate the epistolary form ,and maybe she'd do something cool & make me rethink. In addition at being bad at Scrabble, I'm not very good at crosswords, so no on that one. That leaves me novels and plays. I dislike reading plays, although I love watching them, so that leaves the the novel! Which I love and totally want to marry and stuff! So that worked out well.

*I'm intrigued by Delaware though. Like, what's in Delaware? Delawareans? Almost all credit card company headquarters, right? Doesn't sound that good - maybe zombies would improve the place. (Sorry all three of you Delawarites! Minnesota's pretty dumb too!)

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hahahahahahahahahah! i love it!!!!!

you been a great gues!!! i can't wait to see this one in video!!!

thank you for your time ! Ceridwen!!!!

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Thank you Alfonso!

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