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Please follow the format below when creating your characters. The characters you make must be approved by myself (yes, this is new, guys!) before rping, but it's certainly not hard to be approved. Just follow the charrie making rules. :3

Charrie Making Rules: (Just imagine that that title was really awesomely fancy and cool-ly font-ed. Pretty amazing, right? :D)

NO MARY SUES OR GARY STUES. These are wolves (or some are), so I'm assuming that plenty of fight scenes are in our future. Therefore, this rule most directly applies to your character's fighting skill. YOUR CHARACTER IS NOT THE BEST FIGHTER. Period. It must be realistic; think wolf zoology. The Shiver books closely follow wolf behavior, which I appreciate, so this rp will, too. (At least, to the best of my knowledge.) Of course, you can't have Garies/Maries in other ways, either. For those of you who do not know what a Gary Stu or Mary Sue is, these are perfect characters - characters that are beautiful, intelligent, charming, always right, strong, etc., all at the same time.

That was a long paragraph.
Rule 2! Follow the character profile guidelines exactly or prepare for your character not to be accepted.

3) If you would like to be an Alpha, please contact me before making a profile. You have to be a suitable rper to hold such a rank - I don't want grammatically incorrect one-liners floudering around as Alpha. Don't take it harshly if I don't allow you to take the position.

There's really not much else. So enjoy making charries!



Age/Time as a wolf:

Species: (Wolf or Human)

Rank: (If the character is a wolf. The only notable ranks are female and male Alphas (leaders) and Omega (weakest wolf). All others will be Pups or Members.)

Appearance: (At least 3 descriptive, full sentences, or a link to a picture. Be sure to include both human and wolf appearance if your character is a wolf.)

Personality: (At least 5 descriptive, full sentences)



History: (Optional)




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Name: Idris ((is "fiery leader; prophet".))

Gender: Female

Age/Time as a wolf: Human: 17, Wolf: 3 ((In years))

Species: both? I will start out as a wolf, because it is winter now. We could have the roleplay follow rough real time...

Rank: Alpha Female

-Human: Pale,pale,pale hazel eyes, a short reddish pixie cut, and gently angled face. Generally wears a dark skinny jaens, combat boots((Uberstrong. I have a pir of these and they will not die.)) and a loose fitting earthy toned top. She wears very little to no makeup.
-Wolf: Has long fur on both her tail and her towards the end of her legs. The fur is reddish black, and her eyes are the same color as when she is a human.

-Human: She is friendly and often states the obvious. She spends a lot of time stareing into the sky, or admiring the way a tree looks. she always carries around a huge@$$ sketch book, and draws all the time. She likes manga style for people, but shes good at just about everything. She is slightly OCD and wants everything just so.
-Wolf: Strong and protective of her pack, she will fight for what she belives in. She will often be defending one of the lower members of the pack. She plays and hunts with everyone, dividing her time equally among the pack. Towards nighttime and dawn she is the first to howl the moon up or down.

Skills: -Human: She is a good drawer, bordering on excelent. She is also very organized.
-Wolf: She is not the fastest runner, but she is very quiet, and excelent at stalking. She is a very good hunter.

Weaknesses: -Human: Falls in love WAY too easily.
-Wolf: Not a very good runner.

History: Roleplay it, perhaps.

Family: Somewhere in south America. Her family moved down there, and Idris got bitten by a werewolf down there. She ran away from home and has lived in the town since she was 14. Had a little brother.

Partner/Crush: Alpha male

Other: Works at the local bookstore during the summer.((I am going to call the bookstore CROSSROADS.))

((Does it need anything else?))

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Kayla Actually, nevermind. I don't want a huge part. No Alpha male for me. :P

Name: Lily

Gender: Female

Age/Time as a wolf: 7 years human/ 7 months wolf (?)

Species: Uhhh... I thought they were both.... starting out as wolf

Rank: Pup. She is not quite old enough to be a member and taken seriously but is a bit too old to really be considered a pup.

Appearance: Human -
Wolf -

Personality: Uhhh... she is quite an outspoken young one. She expresses her opinion without being asked, though if you tell her that she has done something wrong you can physically see how sheepish and shameful she gets. She wants to please you and will do what you ask without difficulty or opposition, unless for some reason she feels you are incompetent to tell her what to do.

Skills: As a wolf she is a very, very fast runner. As a human, she just acts sweet and cute to get sympathy.

Weaknesses: As a wolf she is kind of loud-pawed, she cannot stalk very well. As a human, she always feels too bad for everyone else to think of her own feelings

History: (Optional)

Family: Open

Partner/Crush: Open

Other: Open

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) Name: Derrian

Gender: Male

Age/Time as a wolf: 1 1/2

Species: Wolf

Rank: Member? >.>

Appearance: As a human, he is tall, palish skin, messy black hair just long enough to cover his eyes, and has dark green eyes. As a wolf, he is pure black, with white chest fur, and golden eyes. Also has a small part of his left ear missing (is also shown in his human form, but isn't really noticeable under his hair).

Personality: The first thing you will notice about him, is he is very, insane. He loves doing insane things, being completely reckless. Like, for instance, he would take on a buck by himself. However, this does not mean he is completely stupid. He's actually fairly smart, he just likes doing dangerous things. He's usually the one who causes the most trouble. He is also a practical joker. He loves pulling pranks, and making jokes. He is also really careless, and doesn't always take the normal precautions, such as the old saying, 'look before you leap'. Despite all this, he really is a nice guy, in his own way. Usually when things start to get serious, so does he, but sometimes her cracks a few jokes before entering that mode.

Skills: He is a pretty fast runner. Being so small, makes him so fast, giving him the advantage in hunts. But, he usually loses control when turning, and sometimes, when he tries to stop, he ends up tumbling head over heel. (Or tail.)

Weaknesses: Probably swimming. He absolutely HATES water.

History: When he was just a little pup, (the time when they turn back into wolves) he once ventured out onto the ice of a river. (I don't rad the story, so excuse me if there is not a river or a lake or something.) Having ventured far from the rest of the wolves, he did not know that the ice was thin. He had walked right onto it, and when he heard cracking sounds, he had thought the ice just wanted to play a game. So he made up a game, where you have to try and catch the crack. (You know, how the crack travels along the ice....) Unfortunately, he did, and ended up falling into the freezing cold water. If one of his kind were not near by, he might of died that day. Ever since, he stayed well away from water. (But he still drinks it....)

Family: Open

Partner/Crush: Open


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yesh, is very good. i am such a htpocrite. Oh, well, spam deleted.

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*Like* :D

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Dameon (emberrassed) Name: Sophia

Gender: female

Age/Time as a wolf: Human: 16 / Wolf: 2 years

Species: Both?

Rank: Member


Personality: Kind and loving, but easily angered. She really wants to be a mother, but cannot find a mate yet. She's very adventurous and can easily defend herself from predators and other wolves. When she was little, her mother and father died. She was an only pup and she grew up in the pack, teased about her parents dying, so she learned much about fighting when she could help getting really mad and starting a fight.

Skills: A very skilled fighter and a fast runner, she is good for fights and to send messages to other packs since she runs very fast. She has injured only one wolf and that was when she was a pup, and she injured him for making fun of her parents being dead.

Weaknesses: Insults and Teasings since she gets mad and is easy to make start a fight, and the cold. She was a little pup when they were in the winter (Idk if it is winter rite now..?) and she had saw her best friend freeze to dead in the super cold. She almost died, if it werent for the other wolf pups mother curling around her to keep her warm (The other wolf couldnt bare another pup dying in the cold. She has thin hair to keep her running fast, and ever since she was a pup, she's been afraid she would die.

History: Most in her skills, Weaknesses, the other stuff. Her parents died and she doesnt remember them. She has no living relatives that she knows of. Her best friend as a pup died in a winter storm, and she was saved by the dead pup's mother. She fought and injured another wolf pup when she got extremelt angry because another pup was teasing Sophia about her mother and father being dead.

Family: all deceased (Unless someone wants to be related to her)

Partner/Crush: Open

Other: Nothing

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Dameon (emberrassed) Thnx!

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