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Percy Jackson Meets Harry Potter

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 196 comments Ebony storms into the great hall, her red eyes glowing with anger. She walks right up to Albus (who just sooo convineintly happens to be talking with Chiron) "Get rid of them." she growls, glaring at the old man. "I'm sick and tired of all of them, espicaly the Aphrodite children."

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 196 comments "Why in the world would you want them to leave?" Dumbledor asked calmly.

"They're annoying little pricks!" Ebony turns to the students. "Who else agrees they should leave?"

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Blood Bone and Muscle "Well, we alredy have Slytherins for that job, so. . ."Emily answered drily shrugging.

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 196 comments Ebony glared. "No it's the gryffindors who fit that description perfectly."

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Blood Bone and Muscle "Would they now," Emily said looking boredly at her nails,"you wouldn't be the descendant of the Pakersons would you?"

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Juliet Abigail, a daughter of Dionysus, pulled down her black sleeves and let her midnight -almost purple- hair fall over her shoulders.

"Do you think we like it here too?" She asked the other girls with her arms crossed.
She glared at them.

Blood Bone and Muscle "Hmm? Oh, sure," Echo (I'll change her name to Emily) said. "There's great food, swift service and self making beds," Emily replied grinning," what more could you want?"

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Juliet "Some peace and quiet." Abigail replied. "There's so many darn students here you can't even hear yourself think."

Blood Bone and Muscle Suddenly she was whispering, her voice low and serious instead of mocking.

"This place is full of free broken down rooms. Silence isn't a problem here. . . wait your at a summer camp for war and battle. We read books. Do you see what I mean?"

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Juliet "Yeah."
Abigail risked a glance at the girl, quickly brushing her hair back into place like a wall.
"But what's your point?"

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Blood Bone and Muscle "My point is, Hogwarts is a better place to be," she ended.

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Juliet "Is it?" She replied with her eyes going a little dreamy like.
She stared at her small goblet of wine, twirling her finger over top of it. It swirled like there was a spoon in there, mixing all of the sweet flavors together.

Blood Bone and Muscle "Yes, it beats that camp of yours ten times over," she said firmly.

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Juliet "I'm not going to start up a fight, i'll just regret it later." She muttered to herself, shaking her head slowly.
She was not in the mood.

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 196 comments Ebony turned to the headmaster again. "Get rid of them." she said sternly. "Except maybe the Hades kids." She turned and walked back to the slytherin table.

Blood Bone and Muscle "Theirs only one Hades kid," she whispered," and he's dating Abigail."

((this whole roleplay thing is to find out which ones better))

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 196 comments ((If it's nico, PJO's better. If it's not, HP))

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Juliet ((Percy Jackson and the Olympians))

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Juliet Blood Bone and Muscle wrote: ""Theirs only one Hades kid," she whispered," and he's dating Abigail."

((this whole roleplay thing is to find out which ones better))"

((Wait, she hasn't told you her name yet...oh well o_o))

"He is not!" Abigail spat at the girl, bolting upright.
He was her friend; and her friend only.

She marched up to the girl, staring strait into her eyes.
"And how do you know, you filthy witch? Read my mind did you?"

((Yeah, she has slight anger issues...some call it paranoia, too ^-^ And omg i'm seriously bored...))

Blood Bone and Muscle "No, I just heard Luna telling that Hermes girl that you like him. That's all," Emily said monotone, shrugging again.

Blood Bone and Muscle ((come join the high school role play))

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Juliet "Who the heck is Luna?" She replied, shaking her head vigorously.
"Who are you, even?"

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Juliet ((Oh, and B-B-a-M, please reply in the soul eater group...i'm really bored.))

Blood Bone and Muscle "The black haired Aphrodite kid," she told her,"musn't that be annoying. . .I'm Emily, Griffindor for the brave. I never lie."

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Juliet "Well i do." Abigail barely understood if what she said made sense.
She was going to kill that Aphrodite girl. Maybe she would settle killing Nico, too. He had a big part in this after all...

"Abigail." She said, not bothering to shake hands.

Blood Bone and Muscle "Nice name, by the way, why are you so bitter?"

((as you can see, my character wasn't really thought out))

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Juliet ((No, no she was not. jkjk...))

"Why are you so eager to know?"
Abigail crossed her arms and slumped back into her chair, eyes narrowed.

Blood Bone and Muscle "Not eager. I'm never eager," she said simply and asked again,"what's with this camp of yours anyway?"

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Juliet "Just ask my dad, i'm sure he'll give you the real answer." She grabbed her goblet of wine and drained the cup, wiping her mouth afterward.
"He's such a jolly fellow." She said sarcastically.

Blood Bone and Muscle "I sense sarcasm. My dad is really jolly too, the bloke just has a slight mental problem."

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Juliet "I don't like you." It might have been strait forward, but that was the type of person she was.

((Can i rp Nico?))

Nico walked in, head low and hands in his pockets.
He sat across from Abigail, muttering to her, "I hate this place."

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Blood Bone and Muscle ((can I Rp Echo, morpheus then?))

"Shame," Emily said. A east indian looking girl planted herself beside them.

"I like the umm, window moldings," her british accent thick and strong then she rant-whispered,"when can we go, this old persons smell is sickening me and I can't even remember why were here in the first place!"

Her hands flew up in the air as she got more ticked off.

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 196 comments ((awwwwwww but Nico's mine not yours MINE!!!!!))

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Juliet ((No, he's not mine, he's Abigail's. Plus, if you read the story b-b-a-m and i wrote, you would understand better.))

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 196 comments ((bbbbut))

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Juliet "I can't even shadow travel from here!" Nico snapped, hitting the table angrily.

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Juliet Kb wrote: "((bbbbut))"

((I SAID MINE!! >.<))

Blood Bone and Muscle ((Ha ha, yup!))

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 196 comments "We can't appirate." ebony moaned.

Blood Bone and Muscle "You couldn't apparate if yourlife depended on it," Echo dauther of Morpheus said boringly.

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 196 comments "You wanna go?" Ebony said, pulling out her wand. "Wand and powers or the old fashioned way?"

Blood Bone and Muscle "Oh no, you'd only end up going mad. I don't fight, I get you when you have the least power," she explained and then flashed a gleeming smile," when you sleep."

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 196 comments Ebony glared then sat down again. "coffee, chocolate." she whispered and her mug filled with coffee and her plate with chocolate.

Blood Bone and Muscle Echo sat behinde her and Emily, taking from her pocket a tea bag the dipped in boiling water, staring at the waves caramel coloured liquid blend into water as if a desis that spred.

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Juliet Abigail turned to Echo, her eyes gleaming.
"If one of us knows about being mad, i think it'd be me." She grinned wickedly and gulped down another glass of wine, her thoughts staying as clear as day.

Blood Bone and Muscle "Mmm-hmm, I belive you there but sadly you lack the control to keep it in check at times," Echo daid grinning something sardonic.

((heh-heh, poetry is destructive :D

I wasn't at school because I just woke up, I've been sleep deprived since we've landed at 12 in the morning monday so I felt like i was going to be sick, dizzy and useless [as usual]))

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Juliet ((I see...))

"I'm getting better at it." Abigail muttered back, her eyes drifting to Nico.

"Yeah, right." He said, glaring at her. "Next you'll keep telling me it was an accident..."

Blood Bone and Muscle Echo smirked," that was a bit to far the last time."

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Juliet Abigail picked up some grapes and chucked them at Echo, rolling her eyes with annoyance.

"It was weeks ago, I'm better now." She lied, cringing at the unnatural taste of her frozen grapes.

Blood Bone and Muscle "You must remember I know all about you," Echo told her, shaking her index fingure.

Nico chuckled, rolling his eyes.

((Uhg, my excuse though true sounded like Ch.R from our class. . . I hate that))

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