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Physical Appearance: Tyrus is filled with lush trees and plants. It is located of the edge of the Itsasoa sea, which is always a clear blue. There are large rainforests, beaches, and many other different types of land. Tyrus gets the right amount of rainfall each year, resulting in amazing flowers in all the gardens owned by the people.
Type of Government/Rulers: Tyrus is under a monarchy, but the society is matriarcal. The current queen is Lareina, married to Delray. They have one daughter, Alina, who is being readied to take over the kingdom in less than a year.
Political Situation: Tyrus has been at peace with it's surroundng countires for over ten years now. But that will change.
Economic Situation: Tyrus is profiting greatly from it's lush greenery, but also from all the food it produces. TYrus is also very abundant with minerals and jewels.

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Full Name Mckinley Elda Cadmon
Gender Female
Age 17
Creature Shapeshifter
Physical Description Mckinley is short, shorter than most people she’s ever met. She is glad that her body has the ability to take a different shape because sometimes it means that her body actually gets taller. She is a petite and fragile person, looking to be breakable. It is exactly the opposite. Training to be a protector for your entire life really tones your body. She could out-lift anyone in the city. She usually keeps her long auburn hair, which flows down to her waist, in a tight braid that she sometimes uses to whip people with. She has a thin face, with high cheekbones and full lips. In the middle of her rosy right cheek is a thin, pale scar from a battle with her childhood enemy. Her eyes are a dark green with golden streaks coming from the pupil.
Emotional Description Mckinley likes to think of herself as an invincible fighter, that nothing bothers her, practically like she doesn’t feel emotions. This is a lie. She feels many emotions, but chooses to shove them to the back of her mind. She feels that if she lets her emotions get to her then she will become weak and not be able to protect the princess to her full amount.
Dialogue Mckinley isn’t very smart, since she has never had any need for an education. She was Alina’s chosen protector ever since she was born. Even though she didn’t get a full education, she’s been around the rich and educated for her entire life, so she’s adapted her way of speech so that she doesn’t seem too out of place.
Background When Princess Alina was born she was taken to the city’s prophetess to choose a protector. The protector chosen was Mckinley. She was then taken away from her family and sent to live with the royal family, as this is with all of the royal family members and their protectors. Mckinley was trained by ex-protectors ever since she could walk. Being a protector was possibly the most important job there was in Tyrus. She was always treated well by the royal family. She also became very good friends with Alina, whenever either of them had spare time they would get together and just talk.
Name Meaning Mckinley – Son of the white warrior; Elda – Battle; Cadmon - Warrior.
Powers Mckinley has the power to change the shape of her body to absolutely anything, even another person. This was one of the reasons she was chosen by the prophetess as Alina’s protector.

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