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*Have Fun!*

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Raven sighed, watching the sun go down. She was itching to fly a little, feel the breeze under her wings. She patiently waited for it to get dark.

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Nicole Kathryn Drystan searched the faces at the cafe, searching for a familiar one he just couldn't spot. Where was Raven?

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check She watched the sun dip behind the horizon and waited patiently for it to be safe. She would be an easy target since her fur was white as snow and it was hunting season, but she couldn't wait any longer.

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Nicole Kathryn Drystan walked out of the cafe, giving up on Raven. He shook his head silently, walking towards the woods.

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check Her bones shook but she made her wolf wait a few more minutes. Wait until the glow of the sun is gone She begged.

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Nicole Kathryn He spotted a white wolf several paces off and smiled. "What's up?" he asked the wolf.

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check She looked up the man and smiled as much as a wolf could smile. She padded up to him and gave a small bark.

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Nicole Kathryn "Bark bark to you too!" he smiled. He looked at the setting sun, only a few moments until it went down. "I'll wait," he said, and sat on a trunk.

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check She noticed her was alone and tilted her head to the side.

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Nicole Kathryn "Naw, I'm not shifting tonight." he said. "I'm taking a break for once."

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check She shook her head. She looked at the empty space behind him and tilted her head again. where is Raven?

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Nicole Kathryn "Oh," he said, understanding. "You know, I'm not really sure. She wasn't at the usual meeting spot."

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check She whined and danced on her feet. What if something had happened to her? But Raven was very self sufficient, she should be fine, she assured herself.

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Nicole Kathryn Drystan grew bored of trying to understand her body language. He shifted into a tiger, so they could understand each other.

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check After he'd fully shifted, she crouched down with her tail in he air, the wolf signal that she wanted to play.

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Nicole Kathryn "I'm bigger than you, so that wouldn't be fair," he teased. "RACE YOU!" he suddenly sprinted off in a random direction.

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check She raced after him, her tail and body low to the ground and her small fast body soon went past his giant, lumbering striped one.

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Nicole Kathryn "Not fair!" he shouted after her disappearing form. He gave it his all and soon they were neck-and-neck.

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check He came up beside her but she would not lose this fight. She glanced over at him and licked his cheek, hoping he would stall in surprise.

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Nicole Kathryn His eyes widened in shock as he stumbled and fell. "Cheater!" he yelled after her as she crossed the usual designated finish-line.

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check She slowed and looked back and smiled again. "Hey, its only fair I win the race if you're stronger, well as far as we know." He won't let her play with him. It wasn't like they'd hurt each other.

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Nicole Kathryn He laughed. "Fine," he said. "If Raven were here, she'd beat us both."

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check She rolled her blue eyes. "She's a bird. Her talons are nasty." She scrunched up her nose, thinking of the talons she'd felt rip her flesh before. It had been on accident but it had still hurt like hell.

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Nicole Kathryn "But she's a good person," he said. He licked his paws absentmindedly. "So. Watcha wanna do now?"

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check Her stomach growled, answering his question for her. She looked at him, "You hungry?" They would have to be careful though, it was hunting season.

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Nicole Kathryn "Sure. We'll be careful," he said, as if reading her mind. "Let's go catch something"

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check She nodded and turned around, sniffing the air. The swet smell of deer flooded her senses from the east. She swung her head that way and started to trot that way silently.

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Nicole Kathryn Drystan followed her silently, struggling to blend in when his vivid orange pelt stood out so profoundly in the forest.

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check She chuckled, "I'm not the only one with a pelt problem." They were like snowflakes on a black background. If anyone had the mind to look, they'd be spotted instantly.

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Nicole Kathryn He was quiet. "You're right," he said softly. "You know, I've been thinking..."

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check "What?" She asked, but was intent on the deer they were almost on top of but they were downwind. When the deer finally heard them it was too late. She had already pounced when it tried to run but she quickly ended its misery. She looked back up at the tiger watching her. "You were saying?"

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Nicole Kathryn "First, save me some of that," he said. "Second...... well. It's hard to explain. You and me," he paused. "We love who we are and what we do. But it's far too dangerous here. What if somebody saw us? We'd be dead or in a circus before we knew it."

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check She paused, "i know but where could we go? It's not an option that we stop changing, thats impossible. But is there really a better option?"

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Nicole Kathryn "Well," he said. "I've been thinking that there is." He looked around and smiled. "Russia," he said boldly.

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check She choked on a mouthful of deer. "Did you just say Russia? As in out of the country? With loads of snow and coldness? Granted, a great place for a white wolf to go but I'm human half the time. That means no fur to keep me warm! Plus, a lot of wolves die there. And a tiger would be out of place there as well."

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Nicole Kathryn He shook his head. "No, there are tigers in Russia." he took a bite of the deer. "Think about it. Which half of you do you favor more? Your human one? or the one that feels so true you almost want to never change back?"

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check "Drystan...." She started, "I love both. I love being a wolf and feeling freedom but I have people in my human life I love too."

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Nicole Kathryn "Who?" he challenged. "You have no family. As for everybody else..." He paused and shook his head. "I know where my priorities lie. I've almost saved up enough money." He looked at her. "I'm sorry Shayna, but I'm going with or without you."

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check She stared at him in horror. "You can't be serious. What about raven? Is that where she is? Is she already there?" She couldn't leave, she had a life here, she had friends, she had a job, and she at least wanted to wait until they were dead and she was still the same age to go somewhere else.

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Nicole Kathryn "I am perfectly serious," he said. "And no, Raven is not in Russia. I haven't told her yet. I've made up my mind, and I can give up easily what I have. I know it might be harder for you, but at least try."

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check She frowned. "Look, Drystan, this is a big decision. Do we have to talk about it now?" Her appetite was ruined but the dear wouldn't go to waste in this temperature.

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Nicole Kathryn "Fine. Whatever." he said. "Just.... just sit on it, okay? You don't have to decide now."
Drystan turned around and bounded off into the woods.

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check She sat on her haunches. Ears low and tail drooping on the ground, she started to walk towards home. She shouldn't have come tonight. How did he expect her to drop everything and go to Russia? She had never even been outside the country. She had a passport though, somewhere.

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check ((GTG))

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Nicole Kathryn ((me too!))

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Raven had done some cleaning to take her mind of the dying sun, when she suddenly it was dark, and past time to meet the others. Changing into a large crow, she flew out the window and over to the woods where she knew she'd find the others. She flew swiftly, scanning the trees with her birds eyes. Seeing Shayna, she dove, neatly landing on a fallen log. "Sorry, lost track of time. Nice deer." She looked around, seeing Drystan bounding away. "Where's he going?"

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Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) ((where is everyone character at the time.))

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((both Shayna and Drystan were in the woods talking, Raven just found Shayna. sounds like everybody knows each other and meets at night when they change))

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Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) ((ok thanxs))

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