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Anony-miss a-non-y-miss | 72 comments Be you Goth, Emo, Punk, Metalhead, a Lunar Individual, or just Alt .. I'm sure you might have faced discrimination. Your school. Workplace. In the public. Perhaps you have lost the faith of some friends, or your town isn't supporting your choice.

Alternative people come from different places, have different backgrounds. If you would like to post stories of discrimination, I created this thread just for that purpose. And perhaps this didn't happen to you: as long as this is a story you know well, that it is real, and happened to an actual person. And for Pete's sake, let's keep names anonymous (Don't do "the jock at my school john smith").

It is also recommended that you post resources that help to defend the rights of alternative peoples and groups.

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Laika | 30 comments Ok, here's one:
So, in elementary school, my best friend and I would go EVERYWHERE together at school, do everything together. We were like sisters, and we always knew what each other were thinking. There was this group in our class (every year; because our elementary school had a consistent class every year) of four boys and one girl who were all really popular and total jerks. They would always call my best friend and I 'fags' and 'gay', and then they started calling us goth and laughing at us. UUUUGGHh god I hated them so much! They never got in trouble from the teacher either.

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Carly Nicholas (queen_of_darkness) | 5 comments I've been a Goth since I was at school. I dabbled with witchcraft, but not with anything dangerous, I was reading the satanic bible. Everyone thought that I was sacrificing animals to satan and stupid crap like that. I have and always will be curious about things I don't understand or don't know much about. A lot of the music I like would be considered Goth and it relates to BDSM a lot. I like the mixture of the two.

People always get the wrong idea about me, due to the way I dress. For me I feel very attractive and confident, when I wear makeup and black. People have always treated me as different or an outcast, so I feel confident to be different. People will always judge another person, because they don't understand, or misinterpret everything about that person. People always assume thing about others before getting to know them or instead of getting to know them.
There is nothing wrong with any of you, people just aren't willing to accept that not everyone wants to be a sheep, and do something just because everyone else is. I like standing out from the crowd, and even though I don't have fancy very expensive Goth clothes it doesn't mean that i'm not a Goth..
I fucking hate elitist Goths...

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