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message 1: by Steve (new)

Steve Weddle (steveweddle) | 54 comments Mod

So we're starting with PIKE, from Benjamin Whitmer. Info on Whitmer and the book here.

When? Let's start the discussion on Monday, Dec. 6. That gives us basically a couple of weeks -- including two weekends -- to read and enjoy before we start chatting it up.

If you have a topic idea for the book, by all means start a thread here and we'll discuss. That's the idea.

Hopefully we can involve Mr. Whitmer in some Q&A when the time comes, as well.

If your topic/thread contains a spoiler, please label as such in the thread title. Some of us haven't read the book and could be slow readers. (Where's Stringer?)

If you're interested in looking at your neighbor's test and cheating a little, look what these folks do with their book forum: The Sword and Laser. We could do worse than steal all their good set-up ideas.

OK. PIKE. Dec. 6. More to come. Ready? Go. (And welcome and thanks and all.)

message 2: by John (new)

John McFetridge | 3 comments "Whatever we're doing, we long stopped doing it for Wendy."

For me, that insight was the point where this went from a good book to a great one.

Looking forward to the discussion.

message 3: by Ron (new)

Ron (ronearlphillips) | 18 comments Started reading it last night, about a quarter of a way through. Damn.

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