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check Okay I have many poems but I'll post a few right now


People say we went too far,
That we went too fast
That we did what no others dared
And that we are fools for it
They say we are idiots to try again
But what do you think?
You think we were heroes,
That we were saviors
But you do not feel
The sharp pain of hatred from the crowd
The sensation of disgust
Crawling on your skin when they stare,
And yes, they do stare
I think we were wrong,
We were the fools they make us out to be
But am I thinking by myself
Or am I falling to the masses?


Play in field of green roses
and remember to stay away from
The thorns, for they will
Cut you and make you bleed
Without saying sorry
Just like me


Light fills the air
As loving pairs
Come together
To show the world
Of what they are capable
For what do they think
That we do not know
Ourselves of love
Because for us,
It has grown weary and worn
But stays still ever strong
Always holding people together
And young lovers happy
So we all dance in an ode to love


Why do the beggars always cry
to the sound of the poets dreams
Why does lovers sweet sorrow
make a steady stream
Why does the widow watch the
children scream
why does the rush of fear
seem more abundant than
all the mourners laughter
Why oh why does the world weep?

The Broken Mirror

Why are we in pieces?

Shattered like the lives of our world
tattered and worn,
too much to bear, too much to take
all the pieces standing for an event
a happening that was too painful to stand
broken like glass, reflecting our past in its pieces
razor edges are
sharp to the touch but gives the
sweet satisfying sensation of pain
to tell us we are whole,
still in one piece instead of three hundred
little shards of times that time will forget
and we move on
because we are not so easy to break


They are whispered
Between the walls
They echo, throughout
The hearts of many
They eat at our mind, our hopes,
Diminishing them till
They turn to dust
Destroying even the most
Concrete bonds with little more
Than a word, a whisper
They are many
And none are unaffected


They yell, they scream
waiting to be heard, to be noticed
waiting for help,redemption, peace of mind
they ask, they demand, they threaten
yet they are helpless and alone

I stand and watch
their hands reach out and
claw at my skin
but they cannot touch,
cannot feel

They are all around me
pressing around me till
I cannot breathe and fear
they will not go away

they are ever present
clawing at the recesses of
space, looking for help
but I can do nothing

so I stand helpless
as they beg and whine
they are and will be
left forever unsatisfied

message 2: by check (new)

check wrote these today;


The line has been drawn for centuries,
never crossed, never smeared
remaining pure and straight
untainted by darkness
but then when one dared to cross it
it caused the start of the end,
murdering our resources
and killing our crops
resorting the world to turn to
kill or be killed
at least if you want to live
the choice may seem easy now
but when you are a starving murderer
what path would you chose,
a twisted life or
a merciful death?

Dark Skies

Breathing in the darkness
Hands scratched on the surface down to the bone
Eyes useless in the blackness
There are no exits,
We cannot run anymore,
Are we doomed to be forever trapped
In the darkness of this hell?
It is not a fiery red as most would think
Oh no, it is darker than the souls of the dead
And colder than the eyes of murderers
For this is where they go,
Where they belong
And there is no escape


Even the air itself is unclear
As the destinies of those
Who have not yet chosen their own ways
Those who as undecided as a child,
Uselessly wandering, looking for purpose
And it chokes them of their life
As they sit and wait
And wait, and wait
Till they are withered and old
Still waiting for an opportunity
That has long since passed without their realizing it
For they never grasp the concept
That they themselves make opportunities
And they cannot wait for them
For they will never come freely

message 3: by check (new)

check Darkness

It surrounds us
Moving against my skin like silk
But once it decides to bite,
It turns ravenous
Swallowing you whole
With nothing left,
Not even a piece of your own soul.
It does not relent
Until its job is done
And its victim is an
Empty husk that just used to be,
Never again to function
And this does not just torment
The body and soul,
It goes for the last thing you have left,
Your precious mind
And burns through it,
Only leaving traces of madness
And then it leaves
Leaving you bleeding and alone,
Left in darkness to die

message 4: by check (new)

check Differences

Just when you think you have it all figured out,
It comes back different and changed,
The way you hoped it would never be
And suddenly it all seems so confusing
So you give up and it goes away
And for a short time,
You are content to be this way
But then you realize that the things around you
Have noticed the changes as well
And they are not so content so they leave
Leaving you all alone, with you thoughts of regret
Spinning in circles in your head
Making you wonder what could’ve happened
But every night you are reminded that
There is no such thing as could’ve been
And there is only what has happened and how to fix it
So you seek it out and coax it back
Changes and all
And slowly it all comes back and you learn that
Different does not mean bad
And you are content
But this time, it is forever

message 5: by check (new)

check Waiting

My skin crawls
Recoiling from the cold
As I wait for you
Waiting for you to meet me
Like you said you would
And I wait and wait
For hours but you never come
My skin warms now with anger
How dare he?
I walk home in the dark
And I see you,
Standing on the street corner
Waiting for something
Probably me
But I wouldn’t expect me anytime soon


Watch how easily it fractures
Into a thousand tiny little pieces
And then it dissolves into nothing,
Leaving nothing to build up again
How hard it is to get it back and
It takes oh so little to make it sway
And then something will set it off again
And we have to build up again
Or, at least thats what you say
But I am not so sure I want to try anymore
And set myself up just to break again and again?
It seems so futile, so vain
I pull back and you lash out
And I want you to know,
We will never be again, not after this

Imprisoning Darkness

Tree limbs twist around us
Their winding tendrils
Reaching out to us,
Wanting to take us
And bury us deep beneath their roots
Never to breath anything but soil

Blue sky blocked by dark leaves
That fall on our heads,
Spreading darkness in our minds
And driving us towards madness
So much that we start to run to
Get out and flee far away

But the creatures of the forest
Confuse us, and make us
Lose our way, never to escape
We run forever in the
Darkness of the forest
Lost and hopeless,
Seeing what could have happened replayed
Behind our eyelids
What could have been

So much so that we
Let the now merciful tendrils
Take us and bury us,
So much that dying is a mercy
But before we sink
Into final darkness,
The sky clears,
The leaves stop falling
And all the creatures are quiet
Admitting one moment of wonder and peace
Before we close our eyes forever.

message 6: by check (new)

check Empty Words

“I’m sorry.”

Those words are empty,
Made meaningless by casual use
But does he not even contain
The grace to use full words?
Does he seek to anger me?
He will never be sorry,
Never truly regretful of his actions
And not either of us is fooled
But he does not acknowledge my intellect
So he is surprised when I lash out,
Not pleasantly so and
My own lips twist into a cruel smile
Watching you blunder backwards
And I drive you out
You and all your lies
No more bound by you
No more am I caged by your words
And then I am free

message 7: by Alea (new)

Alea (b-young) | 5 comments You're really good :)

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