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E-Readers - Sony vs. Kindle

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message 1: by Sheri S. (new)

Sheri S. (sheaxma) | 88 comments Mod
Hello everyone!
Christmas will soon be here and Santa wants to bring me an E-Reader for Christmas! I've narrowed my research down to these two, The Sony Touch Edition and the Amazon Kindle.
Sony PROS: expandable memory, lightest weight, full touch screen and access to library e-books, CONS: expensive, not wireless and can only download books by hooking it up to the computer.
Kindle PROS: less costly, longer battery life, wi-fi access to largest book selection store, CONS: does not have any of Sony's PROS features!
So, I've hit an indecisive crossroads! Do I choose the Sony because of it's quality despite that it might be a pain to access books or do I choose the Kindle for the ease of accessibility in purchasing e-books instantly, anytime, anywhere from Amazon.com?
So if anyone has any opinions because you currently own one of these E-readers or you switched from the one type to the other and like or dislike it better, I'd love your input!
Thanks so much!

message 2: by Amy B (new)

Amy B (amydawn96) I love my Kindle...so easy!

message 3: by Sheri S. (new)

Sheri S. (sheaxma) | 88 comments Mod
Yeaaaah, my husband bought me a Sony Touch Edition E-Reader for Christmas! Now I just have to learn how to use it and then start downloading some books to read! Thank you Amy for your input and comments!

message 4: by Tara (new)

Tara | 10 comments My husband got me a nook. I am so excited to delve into the world of e-reading.

message 5: by Amy B (new)

Amy B (amydawn96) Yay Sheri...and I love your new profile pic! So cute!

message 6: by Amy B (new)

Amy B (amydawn96) Yay Tara!

message 7: by Amy B (new)

Amy B (amydawn96) I haven't seen the Nook or Kobo in person...just the Kindle and the Sony. I think all E-readers are just awesome. I didn't do a lot of research when I got my Kindle...my friend at school had one and I was jealous so I immediately had to have one (LOL). Love it! And I much prefer to read on the Kindle. I've been known to actually buy books for my Kindle that I already have (if they are a good price) just so I can read them on the Kindle. Just don't tell my husband! LOL

message 8: by Sheri S. (new)

Sheri S. (sheaxma) | 88 comments Mod
Yay, Tara, I'm glad you got one, too

And, thanks, Amy, my little sis took that pic at my Mom's house on Thanksgiving!

I got my e-reader all set up late last night and downloaded my first two books!

message 9: by Amy B (new)

Amy B (amydawn96) What'd you get?

message 10: by Sheri S. (new)

Sheri S. (sheaxma) | 88 comments Mod
I bought Mister X by John Lutz and On Folly Beach by Karen White!

message 11: by Debi (new)

Debi (debjm51) I just bought a Sony Touch Ereader but having recieved it yet. I am so excited about it. :D!!

message 12: by April (new)

April (flipflop1117) I have a Nook and I love it. It's with me always and is so much easier than carrying multiple books around with me. I loved it for nursing my son as it can be used one-handed. I definitely read more now that I have it!

message 13: by Sheri S. (new)

Sheri S. (sheaxma) | 88 comments Mod
I am totally loving my Sony e-reader! I am very surprised by how easy it is to use, how much less space it takes up and it seems I am able to read more quickly! I am currently reading my second e-book on it!

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