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One on One requests?

Psychotic_Dog_Demon I'm free, I need to keep my mind busy anyway.

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Psychotic_Dog_Demon Well, I'm trying, since I'm going into counciling soon I'm trying to get a lot of rping in.

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counseling? for the one thing we were talking about a few days ago?

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Yeah, I just keep spiraling down and after talking to my school counseler today, she suggested that I did need it.

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*nods* I see..*hug* I'm sorry...Ragome is an a$$ for doing that to you

Psychotic_Dog_Demon *hugs back* Not like it's your fault. It's his. Being 'tied' down as he put it. He said that meant he couldn't see other people. No sh*t?! That's the point of being in a relationship. But, I wouldn't hurt this bad if he wouldn't have made so many empty promises and said that two years was enough and that I'd get over it.

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he said that? do you want me to kick his a$$? I will...I will personally fly down there just to do it :/ that a$$hole...I hate it when they say that *rolls eyes* they aren't the ones being dumped so they have no room to speak

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Yeah, he did, and that would help. Many of my friends alreayd want to kill him because they can see how broken I am.

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*frowns* I'm definately going to kill him

Psychotic_Dog_Demon *sighs* I'm sorry...but it seems like things get worse everyday. He says he can't stand the group I hang with yet he's near them every morning, then to make things worse, I seem to want to date a few guys in my group which I know is just a way of my heart wanting to heal itself, plus I have a senior crushing on me who I only like as a friend and nothing more

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well that sucks :( I have sort of the same problem...I have a senior that likes me but I like him back but we can't be together because of all this other crap and I can't think of anyone else I want to date...after a few days ago I'm not even sure I can stand by him anymore..

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Yeah, I know....and that's what's throwing me for a complete and total loop and sending me deeper into my depression. That's why I went to my counserler today because I was afraid I was going to hurt myself.

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I see..I'm sorry :( I don't wanna talk to you about my problems for some makes me feel like a burden so just ignore my rants..

Psychotic_Dog_Demon No, it's okay, really, talking helps, in some way. That's why I voiced my problem on this rp, hopefully writing it out will help me heal.

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*nods* right..and the worst part is...the guy told me not to tell anyone because he has a girlfriend to think about...*ripped heart out and stomps on it*

Psychotic_Dog_Demon *nods softly and sighs, looking down* yeah, I know, that's what my heart felt like it had been when he told me that he was tied down. He could've just said that he'd rather be single for awhile, but no, he had to make it seem like he wasn't even happy with me *punches a wall*

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*face floor* ya...*says softly*

Psychotic_Dog_Demon *sighs and leans against the wall* And now I'm broken, and my friends are really worried for me because of how I am...*looks to the floor*

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No one accept you knows how I feel... No one because I can't tell anyone :( and it's eating my heart out :( *sigh* I was thinking about talking to the counselor but... I dunno... I don't want my friends asking questions..

Psychotic_Dog_Demon *looks to you* I would talk to a counseler. In fact, that's the best thing I could've done for myself, because I knew I was close to hurting myself again and I didn't want that to happen, I didn't want to see my friends cry for my foolishness. Now I'm going into counseling just to get myself through.

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*sighs ad nods* I should but.. I dis like the school counselor and I haven't me the other one.. And I'm generally afraid.. I do t know what to expect or if I'll be judged and if Tomas finds out he'll be really mad at me..

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Just trust what you think, if you're afraid you might do something stupid, talk, and counselers really do help, they're there for support and to help you, that's what mine did, and she talked to my parents which is something I couldn't do.

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See that's what I can't do.. I can't go to my parents and I don't want her to toto them either... My parents can't find out about thig because I'll get grounded and yelled at.. And I could t handle that..

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Then tell your counseler that, because parents aren't supposed to yell at their kids for being depressed or going through rough things, they're supposed to be there for you and help you.

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Ya I know they wouldn't yell at me for that it's just.. *sigh* message me

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