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((have fun :D))

Giselle wondered her room with a sigh. She was bored and opened her door. She stepped out and headed to the kitchen, as if it were her own house and she had a stash of wine like usual.

Mikey bit his lip, he needed something sharp. Anything sharp would do, he just needed it...and needed it now.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice looked up, her eyes bloodshot from crying and her chest in pain again. She sighed and stood, almost looking like she would fall any second she was so fraigle. She needed something to distract her from the pain. She headed out of her room and wondered down the hall, looking for any blunt object she could hurt herself with.

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Mikey bit his finger nails wondering up the hallways. His hands shook as he whined softly, making animal noises as his eyes darted everywhere to look for something.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice sighed and headed to the kitchen. She at least hoped they didn't hid the knifes here. She smiled once she got there and walked over, taking out a large, shimmering blade from the drawer and chuckled. She held it in her hands, her eyes reflecting the metal.

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Giselle arrived there and her hands twitched, aching for something to drink, to feel the buzz, to get drunk and be frivolous. She saw Alice "y-you shouldn't d-do that" she said in a small voice.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice raised an eyebrow and glanced to the girl. No sense in hiding the knife now. "Do what?" he asked in a monotone.

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"c-cut..." she said softly, wrapping her arms around herself, and she was one to talk?

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice shook her head and walked over to the sink, blocking the drain and filling it with warm water. "So what, no body's going to stop me." she said, the hurt seeping through.

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She sighed softly and came over "At least you shouldn't here....not where people can see you"

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice shrugged. "There's too many camera's in my room." she said, turning off the water once it was enough. She rolled up her sleeve, revealing cuts that painted her arm like a portrait, most of them still fresh. She placed the knife to her wrist. "Besides, it helps just seeing blood flow."

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She sighed and nodded "I know the feeling" she whispered.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice glanced to her. "Why don't you just got get your wine?" he asked, sliceing the knife then setting her wrist in the warm water, watching the blood seep out.

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"Because they took it" she said glaring at nothing in particular.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice nodded, handing her the knife. "Ever tried this technique before?" she asked, looking to the bloody water. "It helps the blood flow out quicker."

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She shook her head "I'm not into sharing knifes...good way of getting yourself killed quicker"

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice smiled slightly. "Seems interesting." he said with, looking back to her still bleeding wrist.

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Her eyes blurred slightly and she stared off into space "What?" she asked blinking and shaking her head.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice shook her head. "Nothing." she said softly, pulling her wrist out as she became dizzy.

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"ok" she nodded, seeming dazed. "you ok?" she asked "you look much blood loss"

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice shook her head, empting the drain. "No," she said with a sickly sweet smile. "It's just the way I like it."

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She sighed softly and shrugged "Whatever" she said as Mikey came into view. He stared at the girls and looked up and down the hallway. He dashed to the knife drawer and came to the sink.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice smiled slightly, turning on the water for him. "Let it soak in warm water, it helps." she said, then turned and staggered to her bedroom.


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He shook his head turning off the water "nah I'm good...the water makes it feel slightly better" he said softly.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice smiled. "No, warm water helps it flow faster." she said before vanishing into the hallway.

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He called after her "It makes it feel better for me.."

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice shook her head, then stopped, realizing that she was too dizzy, and with the blood still flowing, she knew she had to cover the wound.

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Mikey went after her, before making a mark. He looked at her and picked her up "I'm taking you to the nurse" he started walking before she could protest.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice pulled back, giving him a venomous look. "I don't need help." she hissed. 'especially not from a boy' she added in her mind.

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"To bad" he said and turned down a few hallways, almost like a short cut and appeared at the front office. He carried her into the infirmary.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice struggled in his arms, screaming and squirming. "I don't need help!" she yelled, punching his face.

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He groaned, falling to the floor, her still in his arms. He let her go and clutched his face "I was just trying to be nice!"

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice glared up at him and carefully stood, using the wall for support. "Why?!" she hissed. "why help me?!"

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"Because you seemed troubled....and i didn't want you to get hurt" he said softly as he sat up and gently held his nose.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice's look softened as she stood straight, holding her cut and sighed. "I-I'm sorry." she said, looking down.

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He stood and shook his head "I shouldn't have picked you up like that...I'm sorry" he sighed "come on lets get you checked out by the nurse"

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice shook her head. "No, then I'll be on suicide watch again and they won't let me leave my room for a week and force pills down my throat, please, I'm fine." she pleaded

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He frowned "Isn't that a good thing" he asked "Come with me...I need to get mine checked out as well" he rolled up his sleeve to show her burns, cuts, bruises and what looked like an infected cut.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice bit her lip and shook her head. "No, because I'm not suidial, though I have planned it out many times over."

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Mikey nodded "I know the feeling...please don't make me go in there alone?...not again" he shivered.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice bit her lip. She didn't like associating with boys but decided that once would hurt. she nodded. "Okay." she said.

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"thank you" he smiled slightly and started to slowly head into the nurse's office.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice walked at his side, holding her still bleeding cut with a small sigh.

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((gtg dinner))

He came in and sat down waiting for the nurs.e

Psychotic_Dog_Demon ((bye))

Alice stood at the door, shifting nervously from foot to foot.

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The nurse walked in and she frowned "At it again?" she asked Mikey. He shook his head "nope I just want this one to be checked out" he said rolling up his sleeve once more "looks like it's infected" she sighed and walked to get antibiotics.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice tried to stay un-noticed and away. She kept her wrist covered, staying silent.

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She was careful to heal the wound and cover it. She looked at Alice "hello dear" she smiled, she was different than the nurse that reported her. "did you get hurt as well?' she asked noting the blood. "Come on over and I'll get you cleaned will stay off the record for both of you"

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice shook her head, looking to the floor. "No, just a small cut." she lied. She didn't want to be seen.

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The nurse raised a brow "come now I'm not going to hurt you...just make it better" she smiled warmly.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Alice shook her head, digging her nails in the cut, the pain helping. "I don't need it better." she said.

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