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((have fun!))

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (bisexual) Midnight walked the halls of the castle.

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Damien was in his room asleep.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (bisexual) She yawned. "Oh I don't get paid enough for this... " the king told her to wake up the prince. "Eh ill do it later. " She turned around and walked tords the dinner halls. She opened the doors to her fellow warriors drinking beer and eating breakfast. "BOYS!! "She grinned.

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Damien slowly opened his eyes as the light shone on his face. He sighed softly and got up then walke daround and slipped on his usual clothes and walked out of his room after a momments time.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (bisexual) She flopped down into a chair. "Beer. " The person to her right handed her a beer. She drank half in one slurp.

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Damien got up and walked through the hallways.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (bisexual) Midnight laughed at a joke and drank more beer.

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Damien walked downstairs and out of the castle and into the courtyard to see Slavers.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (bisexual) Midnight yawned and put her empty cup on the table. She got up. "Ill be back. I'm going to get the prince. " She walked through the court yard. She saw Kato and stopped.

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Damien walked over to the SLavers "If you need something make it fast....I have something rather urgent to attend to." he said.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (bisexual) Midnight walked over to Kato.

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Damien's brow rose slightly as he glanced to Kato who was being moved and frowned then looked back to the SLaver's "How much.....?"

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Damien chuckled slightly as 2 srvants came up beside him with a chest "This should suffice you money needs......" he said.

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Damien looked to Kato then grabbed his arm and pulled him up onto his feet "Go on inside the castle....I'e be in there in a momment's time."

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (bisexual) Nightmare watched them. She frowned at the Slavers.

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Damien looked to Midnight then motined for her to go inside also as he turned around and began to head back inside.

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Damien made his way back into the castle and into the room looking at Kato "Whats your name?"

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Damien nodded "Well met name is Damien....You look roughed up some.....go upstairs to my room and take you a good wash." he said "It will make you fell better."

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (bisexual) Nightmare shrugged. "Well he's up.. " She grinned. "Time for more beer" She walked back inside.

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Damien followed Kato up to the bedroom " need to realx.....Don't be formal...just call me Damien."

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Damien smiled slightly and walked back downstairs.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (bisexual) Midnight grinned thinking of the food and beer. She was opening the dinner halls when the knig called her name. "..... Oh no...... " She turned around. The king stood in the hall. "You where told to wake up my son.... " Midnight scratched her head. I'm dead..

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Damien stepped into the hallway and saw Midnight and his father then walked up to them.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (bisexual) The king frowned. "Well? "

"I was going to wake him up b-but.. " Midnight stumbled. "I-I... "

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Damien looked to his father "Father its alright....I woke up before she got to my know how much of a light sleeper I am."

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (bisexual) Midnight sighed quickly. The king thought. "... Alright... Next time do as you're told Midnight. I don't want to lose my best knight. " He patted his son's shoulder as he left. Midnight looked at Damien. "Thank you your highness."She bowed.

((Gtg ill be on tomorrowssss))

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((Aww kk byes))

Damien looked to Midnight and smiled slightly "Damien.....not Highness....just Damien....and you don't have to bow to me."

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Damien rubbed the back of his neck and looked to Kato as he came downstairs "That looks much better."

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Damien nodded lsightly "You can have the first few days off....dont worrr I won't work you hard."

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Damien almost laughed "Kato relax.......I want you to enjoy your time here at the castle......and as for work just pretty much maybe cleaning some of the rooms......or maybe an errand or 2 but thats it...."

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Damien nodded slightly "For now feel free to explore the castle."

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Damien watched him go then decided to follow him just incase a guard asked what he was doing.

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Damien watched him go as somone behins him wrapped their arms around his waist. Damien jumped slightly and he heard a giggle form behind him "Hmm...I wonder who this is...." he said smiling slightly.

Ruby smiled "Take a guess."

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Damien chuckled slightly "Hmmm....My about Ruby?"
Ruby giggled again and let go as he turned around and looked down to her. She looked up at him "YOu always know." she said "Anyways what are you doing out here?"

Damien smiled again "Watching our new member." he said.

Ruby nodded slightly "Can I meet him?"

Damien chuckle dslightly "You will see him around Im sure."

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Ruby giggled again "I hope so...." she muttered.

Damien laughed and brushed her cheek lightly before looking to one of the guardsmen walking up to him.

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The guardsman fell backwards to the ground and held his head "W-what?!"

Damien glanced to Kato "Kato its fine......." he said then looked back to the guardsman "What do you want?"

The guardsman slowly got up and frowned looking at Kato "I ought to have him arrested and thrown in the dungeon!"

Ruby flinched at the sound of the guard raising his voice.

The gaurd was about to say something when Damien cut him off "Guardsman! I will not have you yelling infront of my sister or Kato......"

The guardsman frowned slightly and took a step back "But myl-" "Get out of my sight!" Damien said coldly to the guard. The guard took another step back an bowed slightly "M-My apologies...." he said then walked off quickly.

Damien looked to Kato and then to Ruby "Are you both alright?"

Ruby whimpered and clung to Damien's shirt.

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Damien smiled slightly "Its fine...." he said then looked back to Ruby and frowned slightly "Hey......" Ruby's eyes were filling with tears.

Damien's frown grew slightly "Oh no no don't cry....." he said then knelt down and hugged her as he looked directly to Kato "LEts all go inside...." he said then picked Ruby up and began to walk towards the doors leading inside.

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THe guards opeend the doors and Damien stepped inside "You both must be tired......Kato you can take the room on the left outside of mine" he said "Ruby.....go on up and get some rest.....Kato can you go with her?"
Ruby nodded slightly wiping her tears away and looking to Kato.

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Ruby smiled slightly and began to walk towards the rooms.
Damien smiled "Thanks." he said then walked down the hallway.

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((Yeah you can go however far the other person wants to go.))

Ruby looked to Kato and smiled again "So...your new here?"

((Ahh >.< I g2g byes))

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((Well it could be to where you can go into romance but not go too far))

Ruby nodded slightly "I sounds like something my brother would do...."

Damien walked back to Midnight.

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ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (bisexual) Midnight walked back into the dinner halls and grabed a nother beer. Sh ignored the wariors coments as she walked out. She went to the court yard and sat down.

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Damien walked outside to the courtyard and looked to Midnight "Drinking again?"

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ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (bisexual) She looke at him. "'Corse what you think I would be doing?" She gave him a sloppy grin.

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Damien chuckled slightly "Don't know....."

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (bisexual) She huffed and leaned back on her elbos. "Well I'm not drink tea for sure!"

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Damien nodded slightly "Of course you a-" he cut himself off when he saw a man walking in crimson red armor.

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (bisexual) Rose yawned at tilted her head. "Hmm?"

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The man in the red armor glanced to Damien.

Damien frowned slightly and began to walk towards him.

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