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message 2: by Stacie (new)

Stacie Vetsch Good luck to you! :)

message 3: by Annie (new)

Annie Johnson Finished my first book: Gardens of the Moon!

Also read Beauty and the Beast, but I don't think I am going to count that as book since it was so short!

message 4: by Annie (new)

Annie Johnson One more down!! Just finished reading While the Savage Sleeps I really enjoyed the book though I was not sure what to expect. A quick read because I always wanted to see what was going to happen next.

message 5: by Annie (new)

Annie Johnson Third book done!

Deadhouse Gates

message 6: by Annie (new)

Annie Johnson Added two more books!!

Poison Study

Magic Study

So far I have liked the second book in the series best, and I am almost half way done with the third!

message 7: by Annie (new)

Annie Johnson 6 done!!

Fire Study

message 8: by Annie (new)

Annie Johnson And Then There Were None

Really good book!!

message 9: by Annie (new)

Annie Johnson Two more books:

The Hunger Games

Both were great books, but I could not get enough of the hunger games!! I cannot believe I allowed that to be on my TBR list for so long.

message 10: by Annie (new)

Annie Johnson Read all the Percy Jackson books which were pretty entertaining!

message 11: by Annie (new)

Annie Johnson So I read 70 books in 2011 and I will start a new list for 2012 which will be hopefully 50 books plus. Here is the 2011 list of books I read in order.

1. Neverwhere
2. Outlander
3. The Hunger Games
4. The Lightning Thief
5. The Sea of Monsters
6. The Titan's Curse
7. The Battle of the Labyrinth
8. The Last Olympian
9. Throne of Jade
10. Black Powder War
11. Empire of Ivory
12. Catching Fire
13. Mockingjay
14. Emma
15. The Paradise War
16. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
17. The Broken Kingdoms
18. All About Passion
19. The Promise in a Kiss
20. On a Wild Night
21. On a Wicked Dawn
22. The Perfect Lover
23. Darkfever
24. Bloodfever
25. Faefever
26. Dreamfever
27. Shadowfever
28. Earl of Darkness
29. Unseelie
30. Atlantis Rising
31. Lord of Shadows
32. Atlantis Awakening
33. The Lost Hero
34. The Red Pyramid
35. The Throne of Fire
36. Halfway to the Grave
37. One Foot in the Grave
38. At Grave's End
39. Destined for an Early Grave
40. This Side of the Grave
41. First Drop of Crimson
42. Eternal Kiss of Darkness
43. Moon Dance
44. Vampire Moon
45. American Vampire
46. One Grave at a Time
47. Kiss Of Ash
48. Honor Bound
49. Once a Princess
50. Love Only Once
51. Moon Child
52. The Ideal Bride
53. The Son of Neptune
54. Dead Until Dark
55. The Dragonbone Chair
56. Living Dead in Dallas
57. The Truth About Love
58. What Price Love?
59. The Taste of Innocence
60. The Ruins of Gorlan
61. The Burning Bridge
62. The Icebound Land
63. Club Dead
64. The Battle for Skandia
65. Covet
66. The Sorcerer in the North
67. Dead to the World
68. Dead as a Doornail
69. Definitely Dead
70. Definitely Not Mr. Darcy

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