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message 1: by valee (new)

valee I know many didn't like this book but I loved it and it was all due to this two characters.

Zephyra was an amazing character. Bad but with values,lol. I loved how she had her standards defined. And how she would protect the things she loves with her life and never let anything harm them.

Stryker was awesome. It was so cool to see things through his point of view. I hated him and with his book I got to care about him a lot. I just hope that one day he gets to become a friend to the others and a greater bad comes out,lol.

message 2: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (new)

Dhfan4life | 10411 comments Ya know, I have to say that this was one of the books that I hated to love. Cause I still felt like why did the bad guy needed a book? But as SK always points out in her stories, things aren't always what they appear to be. And although Stryker still isn't my favorite guy in the series at times. I do have a bit of a reluctant soft spot for him. I also enjoyed reading about the depths of caring that Apollymi had for him as well. For a Goddess of Destruction she is showing so much heart and feelings that any time I re-read a passage about her in previous books or in new books, I always tear up for her.

message 3: by Marie (new)

Marie | 1447 comments Before Stryker was born, Apollo took him out of his mother's belly and put someone else's baby in because other gods were hunting down a threat to their survival and had confused his child with the one they wanted to kill.

Am I the only one who ever wondered whose unborn child it was that Apollo stole and had killed to save his own?

I feel like this is the sort of detail that will be used later to bite someone in the ass

message 4: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (new)

Dhfan4life | 10411 comments It is a curious situation indeed. But given that the Gods never gave a diddly squat about human lives. I'm pretty sure it was some human child that Apollo could easily justify tossing aside and putting his seed in place. I mean have we not seen this with the case of Apollymi and Ash? Even with Urian?

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