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IDK. I haven't read the 2nd book yet. i must find it. aaaaaaah

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my library doesn't have it. I will be going to a book store as soon as summer school ends. aaaaaaaah

message 3: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 3 comments I'm pretty sure it's actually Lissa and Dimitri, although neither of them really look like they're supposed to. But the cover says, 'What if you had to choose between your best friend and the person you love most?' So, it makes sense to me. :)

message 4: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 3 comments But the guy on the cover of Frostbite had red eyes and short hair. I always thought it was Adrian + red eyes...

message 5: by Sol (new)

Sol | 38 comments Mod
yeah i was totally thrown with the cover of frostbite... what is with the eyes??? i dont think it could have been demitri becuase hes not even a vampire.. hes only half... but if its not demitri then i dont know who it could b cause i thought the girl was rose.

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Sol | 38 comments Mod
o and i think the girl on shadow kiss looks terrible and doesnt look like either rose or lissa should!

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Sol | 38 comments Mod
yeah maybe... her covers just make me confused so ive given up analyzing them.

message 8: by Sol (new)

Sol | 38 comments Mod
ok! keep us informed!

message 9: by Sol (new)

Sol | 38 comments Mod
sometime in november i think

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

liked the cover

message 11: by I'amber (new)

I'amber (xiamberx) | 1 comments Who's on the covers of the Vampire Academy books?
Covers are designed by a book company's art department and are something I have little say about. Since everyone has different ideas about how characters look, the art department's ideas may not quite match the books' descriptions or your ideas. Or, the art department may not have even read the book.

Vampire Academy - Rose
Frostbite - The girl is Rose, and the guy is a mystery even to me. Without the red eyes, he'd be Christian. He's too young to be Isaiah.
Shadow Kiss - Lissa and Dimitri are on the old version; Rose is supposed to be on the new one.
Blood Promise - Rose



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