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Hey peeps!

Ok so there are only a few rules for this group.
1. Be respectful of each other. That means: no fighting, no racism, no name-calling, and especially, no threatening each other. Just by committing One of these acts can get you kicked out of the group.
2. No controlling/stealing another person's charries. If you want another charrie, make it yourself.
3. No telling anyone that their writing or ideas are wrong. Would you want someone doing that to you?
4. This is a major one: DO NOT STEAL SOMEONE ELSE'S STORY! That's a felony and being kicked out of a group isn't the worse thing that could happen if someone reports you.

Touchy subjects that someone usually asks about:
~ cursing: If you don't like it, don't do it. If someone uses language that you aren't comfortable reading, ask them calmly to stop.If they rather not, then ignore it.
~ sex scenes: if you and the person that you are roleplaying with are comfortable with it, then go ahead. Just don't forget to give a warning for people who are roleplaying at the same time or for ones that have to go back and read what they missed.
~ Lesibian/gay/bisexual roleplays: i know some people are ok with it but it is also offensive to some religions. Therefore, no gay/lesbian/bisexual roleplays please. You can have a charrie that is gay/lesbian/bisexual, but you must keep is pg and ask a mod first.

If you have any more questions, just ask.

message 2: by Heather (new)

Heather Salsbury (twilightblonde) | 3232 comments ME TOO! GOOD JOB I LIKE IT!

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Evee Me too. :)

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Maddie Parker  (maddiemadsjae) | 1480 comments Mod
I agree completely!!!!!

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Ok,heres a new rule, Rape follows under sex senes so the same fllows for that.

message 8: by Lucifer (last edited Apr 12, 2011 09:48PM) (new)

Lucifer (punkrockboogie) | 23 comments Okay, I'm not homosexual nor is my character but to ban homosexuality, bisexuality, etc. is a bad way of approaching things, it's not really offensive to the religion or its followers. It's just an idea that opposes their radical and rigid belief system (you might-as-well ban Atheism or evolution or, hell, Buddhism). If any religion claims that they find it "offensive", they've no right to have control over whether or not it's in something, thus, I strongly disagree with the ban on homosexuality for the group as a whole.

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Lucifer (punkrockboogie) | 23 comments Otherwise, it's completely agreeable. ;P

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Carly  (cloud-envy) It was a ban created by the original maderated created just so that people wouldn't start raving at eachother if they had a gay/lesbian/bisexual character. Personally, I'm not against it at all, people should go right ahead and make whatever characters they like. But I can't exactly change it. I think she was mainly trying to keep conflict over something like a characters sexuallity to a minimum. That's just what I think.

message 11: by Daisy (new)

Daisy It's not offensive to some religions its offensive to homophobes and they should get over it.

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DragonDreamer Yea like i know bunches of people offended by it and I don't argue with them because 1) i know their opinion isn't going to change because they believe it goes against God(i think that is ridiculous) and 2) I don't want to get in a heated argument over it and then have people mad at me afterwards :/

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Lucifer (punkrockboogie) | 23 comments The thing is, it's not a heated debate. I already won and any and all opposition to it is just going to either be some form or another of a religious rant OR it's going to be someone bringing up "risks" that are entirely worth taking.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Well for now, there are no people who actually have characters or ligitimately want roleplays that are homosexual. If those that do come forward, I'll personally be happy to make a topic and a folder for them.
The rule was enstated awhile ago, and its not really a changable thing without going through the whole process of starting rules over and what not. The group has been around long enough for members to get what the original mod wanted.
As for winning and losing, theres no real winner, seeing as either way both sides are going to have their own oppinions and - even though we can try time and time again - they won't change and some people just won't see eye to eye with others who find it okay.
I dunno guys, you can just ignore the rule if you feel strongly about it, I mean, I'm obviously not going to say no to people who want homosexual characters or rps.

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DragonDreamer i meant heated debates with the people i know that would be offended :P

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DragonDreamer but i'm not opposed either. i agree with carly that a topic should be created if there are people that want one :)

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