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message 1: by valee (new)

valee First of all welcome to this group and this terrific series. I have started with this series not long ago and I am currently reading it so I know what it is to be a new member.

Here is a guide with useful information for all of you.

1.You should visit the Introductions thread to get to know other members and to introduce yourself. Also remember to recommend this group to the friends you have who have read the series and not joined the group yet.

2. There's a Characters Guide thread for the Women of the Other
World series which is extremely useful to new members. Not spoilers there without warning.

3.If you have not read all the books remember there might be spoilers in threads about the characters and about the books.

This is all I can think so far, but if any of you would like to give some advice to next new members and fans, this is the right place for it.

message 2: by valee (new)

valee Guys you just have to check out the Fan art thread! Specially new members, because there is a link to the pages of the graphic art about book 1. Great introduction to the series. Although maybe you should read the book first.

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