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Special Guest > Here she is- the Indian goddess of erotic reviews- Praj!

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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | 561 comments Mod
Hi Praj!!!!

message 2: by Praj (new)

Praj Hey Alfonso!"Indian goddess of erotic reviews"...hahahaha!! thanks for putting me on this hallucinatory pedestal! I would like to take this moment to dedicate this honor to my ever flowing Guttermouth!(sob!sob!)

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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | 561 comments Mod
ha! first answer and i'm already laughing like an idiot!!!!

let's get things started Praj! (i like saying Praj!)


message 4: by Praj (last edited Nov 21, 2010 09:22AM) (new)

Praj ugh...I'm trying to pimp Lucifer on ebay for a pint of lager and it's been fucking hell!!! one seems to procure this shitfaced bastard!!!!

You can call me Praj as long as it makes you wonderfully insane:))

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pimping satan for beer? good luck with that!!! but one gotta do what one gotta do to get that beer!!!!

let's move on to the more "serious" questions!!!!

I been following you for a while, but you tend to keep a low profile on GoodReads, so maybe not everybody knows you. Tell us a little about yourself. Who are you, and what do you like to do when you aren't writing steamy reviews of erotic fiction on GoodReads!

message 6: by Praj (new)

Praj Lucifer is not a Satan! He is my pet Mosquito.
Hmmm...about me eh? I am 30 yr old bipolar bitch who was thrown out from "the pearly gates" for my mouth being too kinky( what fucking shit!!) and yes those traumatic failed seducing sessions with the grim reaper( moron has a blunt weapon).

Anyway, coming back to planet earth,obnoxious specimens annoy me so i retreat to my reclusive abode adorned with feral antics and paranoia.Oh yeah and i'm a bouncer at the local strip club 'SpiceUp' and a part time mortician.

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wait! what? i mean what@!? actually disregard those questions! what the fucke!!! pet mosquito?? too kinky?? o dear god!!! bouncer at a strip club? i think i'm about to have a brain malfunction!!! too many questions i want to ask now!!!! i wish i could ask what the fuck again!!!!!!!

OMFG! let's try something that i imagined it will be hard to answer for you... but now i'm sure you'll have no problems answering!!!

Some reviews are easier to write than others. It's not big deal to scrawl off a lighthearted review of some throwaway novel.. it takes a certain amount of courage (especially for a woman) to write reviews of erotica. There's a certain vulnerability to coming out and talking about what gets you turned on. So are you just a strong woman, or has the experience of writing on GR grown your confidence? Does the semi-anonymity of GR help with this?

message 8: by Praj (new)

Praj Oh yeah i had couple memorable pets. Couple years ago, there was Betsy-the hen, utterly charming nut she eventually got crazy due to her post-menopausal sex famine. And then my favorite Gertrude- The pig who used to breastfeed Samy-the hamster. I guess Samy sucked the life outta her.She perished. Poor Samy!so hung up on the entire sucking action took to marijuana like bee to honey.Poor thing must be doped somewhere trying to shag a cilantro!(sob!!!!)

Er...what was that question again? OMFG!i need some lager! Bollocks! Oh the reviews ah? Well, i try to maintain my civility but i guess Irvine Welsh fucked my verbal flair in the right mode.So i do not care a rat ass about what my guttermouth spews.The semi-anonymity has got nothing to do with my writing erotica reviews, it's just keeps me outta trouble physically(you know what I mean Wink!).And my PMS helps out once a month to churn out a intriguing review.

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ahahhahahahaha! omg! you killing me!!!! you are one interesting cookie!!! your life sounds like something out of a Bizarro book!!!!

And speaking of bizarro books! recently Caris was kind enough to help me with some ideas that i had for a bizarro book... maybe you can do the same for my ideas for erotic fiction!!! i will give you a series of scenarios that i wrote... and you tell me what you think! and maybe help me a little with the story!

what you say? i got 4... i'll give em to you one by one and you tell me what you think!!!!

first one!

a) A group of foxy women who know each other online decide to meet in some random town (let's say Portland, USA) for naked pillow fights and erotic hair-braiding...

message 10: by Praj (new)

Praj OOhhhh!! now we're talking darling!!:D

(Brain rushhh)...Four foxy, lonesome women craving for ravenous sensation to appease their extreme wetness settle on spending a snowy weekend in Portland of girlish pillow fights and erotic hair braiding. Lusting for one hot touch that would tighten their nipples underneath the satin fabric, a cushion so liberating it would drip their wetness in a trance of sheer ecstasy......

How's that for a start? or do i need to improvise?

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that's perfect!!! that's how i picture it!!!!! you have a gift for this!!!! let's try the second one!!!!

A handsome Dominican talk show host touches down in a bustling South Asian metropolis (for discussion's sake, let's name Bombay) to interview the world's sexiest female reviewers of erotic fiction. When they meet for the first time, their eyes lock, and a shiver of electricity goes down her spine. No man has ever made her feel like this before...

message 12: by Praj (last edited Nov 21, 2010 10:20AM) (new)

Praj The moment he opens his mouth to ask her, she fumbles with rapture, biting her lips, sweat trickles down her forehead trickling down her cheeks which she slightly brushes of with her slender fingers. Her almond skin getting warmer with every tightening muscle of her breast seeks the pleasure of this excruciatingly gorgeous man, all she can think is what she would have done if he was naked in front of her. Would she let him sway in her throbbing sex? Would she let him be her Master? All she could sense…..

Alfonso! it near midnight here and i'm guessing i will be heading to purchasing some Japanese bondage scripts very soon.

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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | 561 comments Mod
dear god! i dont wanna say this this time!!!! but it's ok! we can take a break and resume tomorrow!

just let me give you the last scenario! you dont have to answer today!

This is a re-write of the 1989 film "Hunt for Red October", except in this version, the Russian sub is filled with naked, sex-starved Russian exotic dancers, and instead of Soviet nuclear secrets, they carry with them the tantric secret to the ultimate orgasm. Also, their submarine runs on human semen, and they are approaching dangerously low levels...


message 14: by Praj (new)

Praj I din't say i was sleepy.Just kinda horny..Hahahaha!!!!I am paranoid insomniac. I thrive at night and dormant during day:), i'll be around.

Give a minute and i'll be back with the Red October script:)

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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | 561 comments Mod

message 16: by Praj (new)

Praj Aboard Captain:- Marko Aleksandrovich Ramius , a sexual demon and a closet Dom, loves his orgy sessions with Olga and her bisexual sluts.The tantric erotic chemical is been frantically tested in freezing nitrogen labs, the ultimate weapon that could twist a man’s cock. Marko manipulates Olga into using the tantric alchemy on CIA agent Jack Ryan. Ryan was a deafeated man who could not achieve a explosive climax as he spent most of his life under water. Aching for a passionate moan he approaches Olga for the ultimate fuck a man can ever get. Suited up in a white corset, barely covering the arc of her supple breasts, Olga tied Ryan on to the massive bed, ripping every piece of cloth on his pale body. Ryan needs to be punished for he been bad....

i have couple Midori plotted Japanese bondage ideas for Ryan's submissive fucks. But, i reckon we can elucidate that later or be untamed in this reference?

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dear god! i need a cold shower!!!!!!!! sexy sexy sexy!!!!

i must ask the non-erotic question now!or else people will think i'm a pervert!!!

And I don't mean to paint you monochromatically. You have reviews of non-erotic works on your shelves. I notice that you gave Ivan Turgenev's "Rudin" five stars, and a review stating "One of the few intense books i have enjoyed." Can you tell us more what you liked about it? What about Gravity's Rainbow- another (arguably) non-erotic work that scored high marks with you?

message 18: by Praj (new)

Praj Hahaha! i reckon they'll probably zap my ass from GR!

Maintaining a cerbral aura,let's begin with Pynchon (since i reviewed it recently). As i stated in the review,the book through its protagonist-Slothrop conveys a realistic humanism dogma of inhumane proliferation of power-mongers and the inescapable and squalor of death.What i liked in the narration was Pynchon inclusion of all universal factors that crafted the world/nature we dwell in with utmost mesmerized stupor and at the same time our vanities and selfish motive rule over humanity shredding it into absolute zero.

Rudin- was a tough cookie to crack,as i read it when i was my lowest end of emotional survival. So comprehending a tale of a man who not only dint acquire the love of his life but failed fundamentally to achieve his goals was a stab in my despair heart.

I need Valium!!!screw this intellectuality!!

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hahahah! you right!!! fuck intellectuality!!! let's go back to the sexy stuff!

Okay, I'm sorry to keep coming back to erotica, but it's a subject near and dear to my heart... well, maybe a little lower than my heart, but that just makes it nearer and dearer! Surely you must have heard about the Portland GoodReads babe reunion! Those girls all met up in Portland, and they deny anything sexy went down!! As an expert in erotica, what is your expert opinion nothing sexy happened? It defies all probability, doesn't it? The New York babes are going to meet up and have skinny dipping!

message 20: by Praj (last edited Nov 21, 2010 11:17AM) (new)

Praj I am furious!Arggghhhhhh!!!! They have reunions and skinny dipping and hopefully some long island iced teas.Why the fuck did i leave Connecticut? All i can say to keep our untamed imaginations running, a picturesque scenario of sexy , bookish women and lotsa booze and lingerie parties! Yoohoo!!

now i am sad:(((....i would have loved skinny dipping in NYC and then go crazy on the Brooklyn bridge.

I listening to Air Supply and where's my fucking Valium:((

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why the fuck did you leave Connecticut indeed!!!!!!

ok one more!!!

You are reading the latest work of super-steamy erotic fiction! Please select five items from the list below which will guarentee it to be fantastic!
a) handcuffs
b) erotic mummification
c) body oil
d) leather suits
e) stimulatory mechanical devices
f) participation of more than three people
g) supernatural beings
h) full-on sex in public places
i) robots
j) celebrities
k) construction of commercial port facilities
l) animals
m) acrobatics
n) a dungeon
o) mail fraud

message 22: by Praj (last edited Nov 21, 2010 11:26AM) (new)

Praj I despise Sci-fi so no robots. I do not adore anything mechanical except sex toys.And, no fucking celebrities they are pussy off-screen. Otherwise, its rather tough to chose 5 outta this sensational list.Oh ya chuck out the acrobats for a while too many strained nerves in my inner thighs.Hahahaha!!! maybe after a couple Yoga sessions i would include some mid-air acrobats.:D

Oohh! i guess i got the answer twisted. Screw it! i like it my way:)

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hahahahahahah!!!! ok! last one!!! i'm getting some interesting feed back on this interview!!!!! and people want to know this:

Between your hot avatar picture and your electric reviews, you know some dudes out there are stroking to you! How does that make you feel!

message 24: by Praj (new)

Praj Elated and horny! As long as those weirdos do not stroke me, i am glee. After all it's their cocks and recreational hands, let them be merry!! Hahaha!

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hahahahahahah! you been such a great guest!!! i hate that this interview is over!!!!!!! this was fun to no end!!!!! thank you for coming to STUPID!!!!!!!

message 26: by Praj (new)

Praj Your welcome sweets! It has been a charming ride!Au Revoir:D

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bye bye Praj!

now i go take a much needed cold shower!

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