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Too early?

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Servius  Heiner Is it too early to start hating on the holidays yet... I know there has been a little but, I just found out that I am playing host this year. So It's kind of bubbling over a bit at the moment.

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Stina (stinalee) | 653 comments Not too early for me! I've been hating people for holiday related reasons for a couple of weeks now...

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smetchie | 5731 comments Never too late. I just didn't want to be the asshole who started it again this year. Also, I don't hate Thanksgiving because I don't have to travel or host this year. YAY! And I'm only seeing one member of my family. YAY! YAY!

But I still hate Christmas just as much as every other year. The decorations are fucking ugly and I hate how they overshadow Thanksgiving every year. GIVE THE HORN OF PLENTY IT'S DUE TIME MOTHERFUCKERS!

Servius  Heiner I really have no opinion on "the holidays". That changes when it is thrust upon me however. People invading my space, the wife wanting me to participate in the festivities, In-laws, friends, cooking until the house is an inferno, annoying people that just so happen to share some genetic material with me, the lame ass commercials, the lame music that everyone seems to love playing for weeks at a time. Feh!

And fruit cake.

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Denell Puke! Who likes fruit cake...its the worst kind of cake..i dont even think it can be called cake!
Luckily ppl here dont go "festive" crazy ...there's just a general meh-ness.

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Tom Foolery (tomfoolery) It's never too early. The Consumerist started hating on what they call "Christmas creep" back in July when they got their first photos submitted this year of a store selling Christmas decorations.

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smetchie | 5731 comments Julibeer!

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Let's all meet at Oddrun's in Juli!

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smetchie | 5731 comments I'm there! I have no plans for Juli and I've always* wanted to go to Norway!

*since I met you.

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Stina (stinalee) | 653 comments smetchie wrote: "I'm there! I have no plans for Juli and I've always* wanted to go to Norway!
*since I met you."


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