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My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me: Forty New Fairy Tales
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Christine (chrisarrow) | 1388 comments Mod
Area to comment on the collection without spoilers.

Mawgojzeta | 240 comments I am still waiting on a copy of the book. Not sure why there is a hold-up, but it will not let me reserve that book yet. Maybe that particular library just got it in or something.

Hopefully some other people are reading it for this group.

Chris: if the book is fabulous, let me know because then I might just buy it.

message 3: by Christine (last edited Nov 30, 2010 12:09PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Christine (chrisarrow) | 1388 comments Mod
Well, I enjoyed it immensely. I brought it. Link to my review:

Mawgojzeta | 240 comments Oh, yeah! I had read that before. Heck, I even "liked" it. Where is my mind?

Well, I have a $50 Amazon gift certificate being mailed to me. Think I will have to add this to my planned purchase. Might be a week or two before I get the certificate and receive it in the mail.

Mawgojzeta | 240 comments Purchased today - the reviews on Amazon are quite good, also. I am excited to read this.

Mawgojzeta | 240 comments Book has arrived. Reading shall commence...

Christine (chrisarrow) | 1388 comments Mod
Waiting, waiting, waiting. Hurry up!


Mawgojzeta | 240 comments Haha! I am actually going to stop reading another book (and finish later) just so I can start this one! I am pretty excited.

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