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message 1: by Sam (last edited Nov 20, 2010 09:32AM) (new)

Sam (archieleach9) | 205 comments Backpacking through Europe . . . 10 countries, 10 books.

Your goal is to “travel” to ten different European countries by reading books by ten different European authors. Travel to France, read a book by Victor Hugo . . . travel to Spain, read a book by Carlos Ruiz Zafon . . . travel to Sweden, read a book by Stieg Larsson. And so on. Just like last season, there are two routes you can follow, one of which offers more challenge and reward. Here’s what you need to do to play . . .

Step 1: Plan your journey (more information below).

Step 2: Start reading.

Step 3: Post what you read in the Completed Tasks section to receive 15 points.

Destination #1 (Task 15.1)
Destination #2 (Task 15.2)
Destination #3 (Task 15.3)
Destination #4 (Task 15.4)
Destination #5 (Task 15.5)
Destination #6 (Task 15.6)
Destination #7 (Task 15.7)
Destination #8 (Task 15.8)
Destination #9 (Task 15.9)
Destination #10 (Task 15.10)

A few quick notes . . .

1) You cannot claim regular style points for any book you read for Backpacking through Europe (nor do the Backpacking through Europe tasks count as Combo style points for regular Reading with Style tasks).
2) For the purposes of this challenge, Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland are all one stop, the United Kingdom.
2) Before starting on your journey, you must designate whether you are traveling by “Land and Sea” or by “Air”:

“Land and Sea” backpackers can only travel from country to country by crossing land borders or by traveling on Reading with Style Cruise Lines (see routes in message #2). L&S travelers will receive 10 style points for every book completed after the first book (i.e., books 2-10). At the end of the reader's travels, he/she will receive a 100-point "Well-Traveled" bonus if all ten countries have been visited. Finally, L&S Travelers must post their complete itinerary in the “Itinerary” folder for approval before posting for points.

“Air” travelers need no set itinerary and can travel to any European country at any time. This reader will receive 10 style points for every book completed after the fifth book (i.e., books 6-10). At the end of the reader's travels, he/she will receive a 50-point "Sightseer" bonus if ten countries have been visited.

(Scorekeeping Note: Each time you post in the Completed Tasks thread, please specify whether you are “Land & Sea” or “Air.”)

message 2: by Sam (last edited Nov 20, 2010 09:37AM) (new)

Sam (archieleach9) | 205 comments Reading with Style Cruse Line Routes:

Denmark -> Sweden
France -> Ireland
France -> Portugal
France -> U.K.
Germany -> Sweden
Germany -> Russia
Germany -> U.K.
Greece -> Italy
Iceland -> Ireland
Iceland -> Norway
Iceland -> U.K.
Ireland -> France
Ireland -> Spain
Ireland -> Iceland
Ireland -> Portugal
Italy -> Spain
Italy -> Greece
Netherlands -> U.K.
Norway -> Iceland
Poland -> Russia
Portugal -> France
Portugal -> Ireland
Portugal -> U.K.
Romania -> Turkey
Russia -> Sweden
Russia -> Germany
Russia -> Poland
Spain -> Ireland
Spain -> Italy
Spain -> U.K.
Sweden -> Denmark
Sweden -> Germany
Sweden -> Russia
Turkey -> Ukraine
Turkey -> Romania
U.K. -> Iceland
U.K. -> France
U.K. -> Netherlands
U.K. -> Germany
U.K. -> Portugal
U.K. -> Spain
Ukraine -> Turkey

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