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Name: Fernfeather

Gender: Female

Clan: Shadow

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Fernfeather has soft white fur with gray patches on them. Her body is lithe and delicate for a she-cat. Her eyes are a gentle blue color.

Personality: Fernfeather is they type of cat who is shy and stays quite unless speaking is necessary. She hates getting into arguments and disputes. Yet, she is not afraid to defend her clan and kin with her life. She is very loyal and has a fiery pride for her clan. Trustworthy and gentle, she is the type of cat you can rely on to get things done. She knows her limits and won’t force herself to do things beyond her limit. Fernfeather is fiercely protective of her kits and will flay you if you bother or insult them.

History: Fernpaw was a gentle and caring cat. She loved helping other apprentices. Like all apprentices, she was eager to learn how to fight and hunt. At that time, she admired how Tigerpaw. She found something to love about him under that roughness and aggressiveness.

When Fernpaw passed her apprenticeship, she became known as Fernfeather. Fernfeather and Tigerfoot had three kits: Shadowkit, Falconkit, and Eaglekit. Because she enjoyed watching birds flying in the sky, Fernfeather opted to name the two tom kits bird names. Tigerfoot agreed and he chose the name Shadowkit for the she-cat.

As their kits grew up, Fernfeather was proud of the accomplishments they made. Falconheart was great at hunting, while Shadowleaf was great at stalking and hiding from everything, and Eaglewing was excellent at fighting.
Kin: Shadowleaf, Falconheart, Eaglewing (Offspring)

Mate: Tigerfoot

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SpazzyJazzy Accepted. Except Shadowleaf isn't Deputy :P *Coughcough*CopyandPaste*Cough*

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Hmm, I knew that xD Copy and Pasting isn't very reliable anymore

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