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Name: Eaglewing

Gender: M

Rank: Warrior

Clan: Shadowclan

Appearance: Dark brown tabby cat with startling amber eyes. His body is lean and muscular.

Personality: Eaglewing doesn’t like attention to spotlight on him. He is more rather a silent yet aggressive cat. His mere presence taunts you to talk to him and confront him. Much like his sister Shadowleaf, brother Falconheart, and father Tigerfoot, he can be intimidating and taunting. Eaglewing is not afraid to speak for what he thinks is right, and believes that every cat should do what they think is correct. “Go by your instincts” is what Eaglewing would say if he had a motto. Much like his brother, he is more confident when there is someone standing by him on his side. He is responsible and trustworthy, but wary of who he can trust. Usually, he isn’t afraid to launch himself into battle, and will defend his clan without a second thought on things. It’s hard to gain his everlasting respect due to the coldness around his heart. He believes that falling in love is a weakness. Eaglewing thinks that having a mate means that you need someone there for you because you are weak and cannot handle things yourself. His mind will soon be changed if he ever finds someone to think about.

History: Eaglewing grew up with Falconheart and Shadowleaf, his brother and sister. They had lots of fun with each other, and enjoyed running around the camp exploring everything in sight. Eaglewing enjoyed play-fighting and playing the ever favorite game: Try to tackle mum’s tail!

When Eaglewing became an apprentice, he loved being able to finally get out of camp and explore the great outdoors. He and his siblings loved to run around their territory and hunt together. Their father, Tigerfoot, and mother, Fernfeather, had a lot of influence on their training. They encouraged the three-some to train hard and not goof off. They all became warriors after their training.

Kin: Shadowleaf (Sister) Falconheart(brother) Fernfeather (Mother) Tigerfoot(Father)


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SpazzyJazzy When everybody is away, Jazzy comes out to play. Accepted.

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Not fair. :(

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SpazzyJazzy Very fair. Nobody can yell at me to study, then :P

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*Sighs* Now that it's Thanksgiving Break, Jazzy has no reason to be offline xD

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