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message 1: by Claudiu (new)

Claudiu (cyber) Dupa cum stiti, luna aceasta am votat pe tematica horror pentru lectura noastra.
Cartea ce a castigat, conform voturilor, este opera lui Clive Barker, 'The Hellbound heart'.

Va astept cu impresii si opinii pe masura ce cititi.
Pentru cei ce nu pot achizitiona cartea va pot oferi ebookul sau audiobook-ul, dupa cum preferati.

Va astept.

message 2: by Claudiu (new)

Claudiu (cyber) Pai...eu am terminat-o de citit. Am stat un pic aseara si inca un pic in dimineata asta cu PSP-ul in brate citind. E o nuvela chiar foarte scurta, ce trateaza cu alte tematici ce apar in general in opera lui Barker.
Mie mi-a facut placere sa recitesc povestea asta, de vreme ce am mai citit-o acum foarte mult timp si nu mai tineam minte cam nimic din ea.

Julia mi se adauga in galeria de "Cele mai groaznice personaje despre care am citit vreodata". Astept sa vad si opiniile altora pe marginea subiectului.

message 3: by Andreea (new)

Andreea Irina (andreeairina) Still trying to finish it, dar dupa cum stii nu sunt mare fana a genului gore...asa ca o iau incet si sigur. Pana acum pot zice ca da, I don't like Julia but more than that I hate authors who think they have to use gore to make a story horror.

message 4: by Claudiu (new)

Claudiu (cyber) Dar Barker nu urmareste asa ceva in lucrarea sa. El urmareste mai degraba deosebirea realitatii noastre subiective (ceea ce si pentru Frank era realul), de lumea de care suntem separati doar de un val subtire. Ceea ce se aplica ca placut pentru noi, poate fi doar o simpla gluma pentru cei de dincolo.
Cred ca Barker chiar reuseste cu brio o asa divizare a realitatilor si a valorilor.

message 5: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Rêveur | 9 comments Finally finished reading it this morning. And I really loved it. It's exactly as i heard it would be, better even, it's as good and as interesting as the movie but better in that it delves more into the thoughts and feelings of the characters.
And the man's literary prowess is amazing, the style and quality of the words are so captivating and moving that I could've almost felt as if I was in the realm of the cenobites.

message 6: by Andreea (new)

Andreea Irina (andreeairina) Finished it now....esh sorry Adrian, I completely disagree. I didn't like it and some scenes just seemed to be put there for the love of gore. That may just be me, but then again I didn't like the book so it's obvious why I'm pointing out its flaws ( from my point of view anyway ). Julia is a horrible woman, she reminded me of the type of women I hate, Kristy didn't have much development in the book and Rory wasn't used as a real character, he was more put there so we could have someone we can pity for being used and lied to. And furthermore, I know it all has to be mysterious and spooky and creepy and all that, but it fails to do every one of those things. The book has no thrill, no suspense moments and the fact that the box is not explained is hardly a mystery. Barker used gore to go through with the story and just happened to called it a horror. It's his style and he does it well, I have to admit that, but it's really not something I'd read again...nor any of his works for that matter.

message 7: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Rêveur | 9 comments Well the way I look at it Barker tends to write more of a psychological thriller in with a horror backdrop. and on that note it's not meant to be a horror novel per-say. (on an unrelated note.really wish I knew if he had a book or short story in which he explores more the realm of the cenobites or the dimension of the dead shown in the book of blood)

hmmm, by the way, what do you mean by 'real character'?

also it would seem natural that Julia, is a 'hate-able' character, you antagonists tends to have that effect on people.

message 8: by Andreea (new)

Andreea Irina (andreeairina) I really can't see what you find psychological related in this book. Julia helped him because she was bored with Rory, she didn't love him anymore and she missed Frank...well anyway that's the basic storyline that I see.

By a real character I mean he should have a bigger part in the whole damn thing. He was a puppet played by Julia and Frank. He didn't have much of a role other than giving Frank a face ( literally ). He doesn't seem real to me, that's all.

I know that Julia should be hated...well depends, maybe some people understand why she does that and I do too...to some extent. I meant that I hate her for lying and using Rory, playing with him when she clearly knew she didn't want to be with him anymore. It wasn't a bad note added to the book, it was more of a statement.

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