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The Witch and Wizard Series

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message 1: by Tonks (new)

Tonks Carter (Tonks_Carter) | 2 comments Dear Mr. Patterson,
How many of this series are you planning to write?

xXRossiya AruXx (Biggestanimegeek) He better right more....

message 3: by Allenj2222 (new)

Allenj2222 | 4 comments personally i think it is an interesting series, not sure if book 2 will be the last but we will see. the first one was great so can't wait for the gift. Finished cross fire, and i am a little mad with how it ended, do not get me wrong it was a great book i just wish the ending coulda been a little different. Overall, i love all of his books.

message 4: by Asher (new)

Asher (ADenkyirah) | 2 comments dear mr. Patterson.
i loved this book, with a burning passion!
how did you come up with the idea?
and are you going to right a sequel?
: )

message 5: by Abby (new)

Abby (bestballetdancerever) | 3 comments mr. Patterson,
i loved the first book of witch and wizard. there is going to be a 2nd, right? i really hope there is! please! thank you! oh! and i noticed that you have a new book in the series called Alex Cross, right? what is the first book called? thank you!

message 6: by Afsana (new)

Afsana (afsanaz) the 2nd in witch & wizards is Witch and Wizard 2

latest in the alex cross is Cross Fire

message 7: by James (new)

James Patterson (JamesPatterson) | 53 comments Mod
The second installment of W&W is called The Gift, and it's releasing right around the corner...

message 8: by James (new)

James Patterson (JamesPatterson) | 53 comments Mod
The idea for Witch & Wizard formulated out of imagining a world where all peoples' freedoms were taken away. Can you imagine? Not being able to voice your opinion, to make or enjoy music or books? I found it terrifying, and so I had to write about it.

message 9: by James (new)

James Patterson (JamesPatterson) | 53 comments Mod
Loads, hopefully.

message 10: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (betweenmypages) Hello, I just joined this group! Mr. Patterson I have a question for you. I recentley started reading Witch and Wizard book 2 The Gift. I dont think this is much of a spoiler but why did you decide to start a few months after book 1 ended. It's very interesting and I wanted to know your reasoning for that.

message 11: by Katniss (last edited Dec 25, 2010 10:57AM) (new)

Katniss (Purplemargay) Hey, hate to burst your bubble but he stopped checking all the threads about, hmmm, a month ago. Sorry.

message 12: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (betweenmypages) :( How come?

message 13: by Katniss (new)

Katniss (Purplemargay) Cuz it was only active between november something and something else, check the group description.

message 14: by Katniss (new)

Katniss (Purplemargay) November 15-22.

message 15: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (betweenmypages) :( That's alright!

message 16: by Katniss (new)

Katniss (Purplemargay) Yeah... so...

message 17: by Hannah (new)

Hannah G. | 5 comments Ummm anyway...I thought that the first W&W was better but the 2nd one was pretty much just as good!!!

ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) I LOVE THE FIRST BOOK! haven't been able to get my hands on 'the gift'


message 19: by Raven (new)

Raven (AlderPendragon) | 2 comments Is there going to be a fourth Witch and Wizard book? I can't seem to find an answer to that anywhere. and i really want to know when it may come out. :)

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