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Sythini walked down a dark ally way she could hear human hearts beating and she smiled hungerly

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Ivory wandered around the dark, desolate forest. She could hear the wind whistling through the hollow trunks of dead trees.

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Darken saw a girl in an ally and used his controle of shadows to paralize her in place. "You should't be alone in dark allies little girl."

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Ivory sat under a dead oak tree.

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she smiled a him " whys that?" she asked inocently

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"Dangores things hide in the dark." he smmiles and saunters tword her.

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Ivory looked up to the bright moon. It was a sign an angel had fallen, for there was a shadow on it. She knew who the fallen angel was, it was herself.

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she laughed showing her pointed teeth 'Really? I never would have know." she said

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Ivory stood up, brushing herself off. She walked down to the town.

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( (oh and btw she can hide her wings if she wants so she looks human..well mostly.))

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"Ohhhh. your not human are you."

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she smiled " now what would make you say a thing like that?" she asked moving despite the shadows

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((Her wings are broken, and she can't use them.))

Ivory walked down through the alleyways.

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"hmmmmmmm......... you got through my shadow web did you????? Well it was a weak one ment for humans. So what exactly are you???"

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she laughed ' wouldn't you like to know." she said before continueing to walk down the ally in search of a human.

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Darken uses his strongest shadow web on her. "You are not going anywhere till you anwser."

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she smiled whispering something in the wind that had just started blowing out of no where.

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Ivory grabbed Synthini, throwing her against the wall.

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(???????????????? im am confused why is that????)

"What is going on here????? More prey for me???"

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((She saw her pass))

Ivory scowled at Darken, and threw Synthini to the floor.

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Sythini laughed " Ivory how have you been?" she asked smiling evily as the wind picked up blowing hard enough to knock normal people over.

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"Is there a problem girl???? I would leave if i where you." He smiles a overly sweet smile.

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Ivory stood still, not moved by them.

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" Enough." she said freezing in a layer of ice Ivory " Your not as strong as me so don't go playing games."

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"I may not be. I'm a fallen angel, a rebel. Nobody tells me what to do"

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"You two know each other then?????"

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" congatulations." she told Ivory her voice dripping with sarcasm

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Ivory sighed. "You never change, do you, Synthini" Ivory hissed.

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" Whats to change? I thought I was already perfect.' she said walking away not bothering to unfreeze Ivory.

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"You're not perfect. Nobody's perfect." Ivory said, breaking the ice. She shivered as some ice escaped into the wounds on her wings, and whimpered a little. "Ow.."

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" Now you have a nice life there Ivory." she said with a wink before dispearing around the corner.

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(ummm your paralized.)

"So....... do i get to eat both of you."

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"I don't have a nice life.." Ivory whispered, then sat down, stroking her bleeding wing.

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(( :p fine just go and ruin that perfect exit jk sorry!))

Fine she stood there waiting " You can if you want but I'm not sure I would taste any good."

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"ANd why is that???" he smiles. "if you dont think you will i could start with her." he points at Ivory

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she shrugs " start with whoever you like."

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"Excellent ill start with you." He lunges at Sythini.

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she smiles pulling a sword from her back and stabbing him in the stomach stomach " A girl who lives with shadows, controls shadow." she whispered looking at him her eyes turning black and lifeless

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Ivory watched.

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"Ahhhhhhh........... you think that would stop me" he smiles and pulls himself off the sword. "I expected as much." He starts turning into something weird. (his demonic form)

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she shrugs not caring and turns to walk away.

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(you edited it yet it says shrugsnot??? :P)

"Oh no you dont" Chaos says picking up Sythini. "Your going to die for that." he breaks her legs

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she laughed " I'm already dead.' she says burning him deeply wherever he was touching her skin

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A wind starts blowing. "Stop" says a voice from the shadows.

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she rolles her eyes " oh dear not the monster police again." she said sarcasticly

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A man walks out of the shadows.

"Oh f+ck." Says Darken he looks at her and releases her. "you should be scared of him. He's an Equanox." he looks back yo the man and bows. "Sorry i-"

The man cuts him off. "Shut up."

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Sythini sighes healing her legs she stands up.

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The man looks at her. "Do you know who i am?"

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" Yes oh great one." she says with a bow " your Yang."

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