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Luna  (goodreadscombird) | 657 comments Mod
Soooo....yeah! We've moved!! I just gotta spill all about this NYC type living for you all.....

So, we are living in this Upstate NYC condo. I am going to a private high school, all girls, that i take the subway to. I'm actually starting to enjoy most of it! Me and my new best mate (that's best friend for all you non-Brits) will walk to the subway. Sometimes, we stop and get a coffee and tea. (Expresso for Linda, my mate, and Peppermint tea for me!)

(i'll upload a pic of us in Times Square.)

School is...ok. It's totally clicque - I showed up for school looking fab in my new 'American' clothes (Holister, Delia's and American Eagle are my new favorite clothing stores!!) but guess what? It's a UNIFORM school. Gee thx Dad for telling me!!! So these snotty 'popular' girls who think they're 'all that' but ugh REALLY need a mani-pedi, like hate me now. Linda, came to my rescue and helped me find a uniform after school. So we bonded over cheap department stores and biscotti. Then we had a Jesse McCartney jam fest on the subway going home. (I saw his concert when he was in Dublan! haha you should have seen the way the people looked at us!!) She introduced me to her friends Stacey, Jasmine and Marmiam. (she's Indain.)

And as for boys....we have a sister- or brother school - that we have socials with. I met Brad. Ya'll (yes i am turning into a country girl!) remember him, from the kidnapping? And if your going WHAT KIDNAPPING, CHECK YOUR INBOXS PEOPLE!!

So yep that's it from NYC!!

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Luna  (goodreadscombird) | 657 comments Mod

This is me and my best friend in my photos.(Yes, I know we look almost EXACTLY alike. And of course- Linda, Luna. Yes our names both start with L's! SO?) Although up close, you can really see the difference. Oh, and did I mention - I died my hair brown!! I always think I was meant to be a bruentette.... I'm the one in the hat.

The lady in the first pic is Linda's mum.

I just figured something out. I have never showed ya'll a pic when I was blonde! I'll post one soon.

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