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Leanore Elliott (goodreadscomgoodreadscomleanore) | 6 comments Mod
Tamela! this is great, I am so blind and as usual? The Night Owl had to light the way for me. Let me see...
My name is Bonnie Lea aka Leanore Elliott. I now have 3 novels out with a fourth due to arrive any minute! Another in December the sixth novel in January and the seventh in June 2011.
I just use one page for all my books, which do lead to other interesting pages.>> All of them are Erotic-Paranormals. And while at my site take a stroll through my Virtual Library of 155 books by 85 authors! At>>> Oh? I did not talk about myself! Well, I love to write and have a huge family full of brats! ;}

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Regan Black | 4 comments Hey there! I'm Regan Black, author of the the Shadows of Justice series:
Justice Incarnate
Invasion of Justice (Shadows of Justice, Book 2)
Veil of Justice
Dream Works
From the Ashes

as well as a series of short stories geared toward teenagers, known as the Hobbitville saga:
Breaking New Ground
is the latest in that series...but they're all listed here on goodreads.

Yup, I like to write and most of my stories have some sort of supernatural or paranormal angle. What can I say, my imagination insists on the unexpected! ;)

I often refer to myself as the domestic zookeeper since our family of four people wouldn't feel complete without our three retired greyhounds, two cats, and four finches.

On my website you'll find posts about the greyhound antics as well as tips for writers, news for readers, and a glimpse into my daily chaos - I mean life.


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Elizabeth Isaacs (eisaacs) | 2 comments I'm Elizabeth Isaacs, author of The Light of Asteria: Kailmeyra's Last Hope. I teach music to over 640 elementary kiddo's by day, and I write at night. I'm also a mom of two teenagers, which is a full time job within itself! :-)
Feel free to pop on over to my blog or website and say hi!

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Karen | 5 comments Hello all~
I love the name of this group and all things paranormal. I've always been drawn to stories about things that go bump in the night, fantastical settings and creatures, and the Renaissance, so it seemed natural to write stories that combine all of these elements.
Currently I have The Witch Awakeningand Tapestry Lion out, the first two novels in my series about the House of Landers (I have four books total planned for this series.)
Anyway, thanks for having me as a member of the group, and I'm excited to learn more about everyone's writing. I love paranormal themes, both as a reader and a writer!

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