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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 607 comments Mod
((WereCreature characters can rp here to escape the craziness of war))

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) Destani walked through her native nation. Those pesky ice skinns where screwing everything up around here. With the war, and the humans taking a side besides theirs? How could they! She was part of them, too!

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Athena Becca walked around bored, looking for someone to talk.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) Destani sighed. She shifted and flew into the air to burn off steam. Why couldn't this war just end. Better yet, why couldn't the ice skinns just die?

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Athena Becca shifted, and shook out her fur. She trotted into the forest and Looked for a pond to drink from.

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 607 comments Mod
Katsa had been informed to go back to the camp and get rest but somehow she had gotten herself turned around and was now wandering in circles.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) Gilin circled above the forests of the land. Today, the vapors were warm and carried him high. He flew through the air, then noticed a girl walking in circles. He chuckled to himself in his mind, for a bird cannot chuckle, then dove down to help her.

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 607 comments Mod
Katsa sensed something coming at her from above and instantly her survival instincts took over and she had dove out of the way while drawing her knife and then quickly crouching in a defensive position.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) Gilin changed, graceful as always, then saw the knife. "Sorry,, an unexpected gust took me farther than I'd thought...." He held up his hands, showing that his sword was still in it's hilt. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you. You looked a bit lost."

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 607 comments Mod
Katsa was still unsure of what to do but the boy seemed familiar. She had made sure to keep her animal side hidden in case the stranger didn't know what she was but now it seemed that maybe he was a flame skinn as well.
She stood up still holding onto the knife but not nearly as tightly.
"I'm not lost." she grumbled.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) "I've been watching you for a few minutes." Gilin said automatically, then shook his head. "That sounded a bit weird. But I have been and you seem to be walking in circles."

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 607 comments Mod
Katsa glared at him.
"Stalker." she hissed, "Maybe I was intentionally walking in circles. Did you ever consider that?"

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) Gilin shrugged. "Okay, but nightfall is coming. And the human hunters and ice skinns might cross into our territory. It will not be my fault for your death, taken either by them or the night's cold grip itself."

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 607 comments Mod
Katsa sighed. However much she didn't want to admit it, he was right.
"All right fine I'm lost. Happy now?"

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) Gilin shook his head. "Not yet. I still have to figure out how you're going to get to safety. I could always fly you back..."

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 607 comments Mod
Katsa looked at the sky and instantly her stomach clenched. If there was one thing she was deathly afraid of it was heights.
"M...maybe something else."

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) Gilin bit his lip. "I could fly above you, but I'd be seen by too many enemies, unless I flew as my animal. You know what I look like as my animal, right?" He asked her, flexing his wings a bit.

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"Some sort of bird" Katsa growled, "Can't tell what kind at the moment though"

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) "Eagle. I'm an eagle. Just keep a watch for an eagle above you. I'll try and guide you back. Unless you're sure you don't want to fly. That's be a lot easier."

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 607 comments Mod
Katsa shook her head.
"I can keep an eye on an eagle just fine."

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) Gilin shrugged. "If you insist." He shifted then, perching on a branch for her to get a good look at.

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Katsa memorized his features and nodded.
"I got it now can we go please? I should get back to my camp as soon as I can."

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) Gilin flew into the air, leading her back to the town. She'd be able to find her way to where she could find her way wherever she needed to.

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 607 comments Mod
Katsa followed closely beneath him till they reached the town then she turned left knowing the way from there.
"Thankyou!" she called up to him waving.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) Gilin nodded and sighed. I'm too kind-hearted. He told himself. One day I'll get myself killed. Oh, well. She flew off as night fell, blending in with the stars and the sky.

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 607 comments Mod
Katsa kept running till she reached the camp at last and collapsed beside the fire.
"You're late you know." her father said coldly.
"Sorry father I lost track of time." Katsa replied calmly and respectfully settling herself on the log bench beside him.

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Sydney ♡ Monique finally made it into Fire Skinns territory. She sighed, knowing she was way after curfew. Now I'm to be punished by the royals for sure... Monique shifted into a cheetah and ran through the surrounding trees. She stopped and looked up. The eagle that usually flew in the sky was absent. If cats could sigh she would, but as it was impossible Monique let out a low growl and continued on her run.

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Zephyr was soaring in the sky as he searched for others.

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Sydney ♡ Monique ran faster, searching for something. She couldn't decide what, but her instincts knew what they were doing.

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Zephyr noticed Monique through the trees and chuckled to himself as he darted downwards.

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Sydney ♡ Monique slowed down, she made sure that there was no one around her. She shifted back by the tree with her extra clothes hidden in it.

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Zephyr landed right infront of her "well well"

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 607 comments Mod
Katsa had fallen asleep outside like usual but a commotion nearby cause her to rouse and go to investigate cautiously.

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 607 comments Mod
((come join Katsa if you want))

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 607 comments Mod
((lol ok))
Katsa didn't hear the disturbance anymore still she edged closer to a clearing and peered out at it with searching eyes.

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Sydney ♡ Hazuma wrote: "Zephyr landed right infront of her "well well""

Monique jumped behind the tree. "What the he** are you doing?" She grabbed her clothes and hurriedly put them on.

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 607 comments Mod
Katsa noticed the other girl and that she was wounded. All her past training screamed at her not to approach in case it was a trap but the sight of the arrow stuck in the girls arm and the blood on the ground was enough to make her put aside reason.
She ran over to the girl and knelt beside her.

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Sydney :] wrote: "Hazuma wrote: "Zephyr landed right infront of her "well well""

Monique jumped behind the tree. "What the he** are you doing?" She grabbed her clothes and hurriedly put them on."

Zephyr chuckled slightly "calm down"

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Sydney ♡ "Wait... Zephyr?" Monique said slowly. She stepped from behind the tree and got closer. "I've missed you!"

((I hope you don't mind that I made them know each other.. :] ))

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(nope its fine :)... :(unfortunatly i have to go for now but ill bb on later byez)
Zephyr smiled slightly "yeah.....its been a while hasn't it Monique"

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Sydney ♡ "Too long I think." Monique said breathing in his all too familiar scent.

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Zephyr tilted his head "you have grown....haha"

message 43: by Sydney ♡ (new)

Sydney ♡ "And I want to know when you got so tall." Monique stepped back a bit to see all of Zephyr.

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he shrugged " just happened"

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Sydney ♡ Monique rolled her eyes and smiled, missing the sound of his voice. "So how have you been doing?"

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Zephyr chuckled "not bad.....well....after my aprents death and all but yeah overall im doung bout you?"

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Sydney ♡ "I've been better, the Fire royals have been setting very hard restrictions lately.." Monique sighed.

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Zephyr chuckled "we get a good group of royals then it just gets worse....."

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Sydney ♡ "Seriously." Monique agreed. Then she asked the question that had been bothering her for years. "Where have you been...? You just left me..."

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Zephyr frowned "i was far out in the land that nobody owns.....i was on some family sorry.....i couldnt risk telling you...."

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