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Will's heavenly questions!

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message 1: by Willis (new)

Willis | 5 comments Level 1. What assignment did Melinda get for her art class?

Level 2. Why did Heather not want to be friends with Melinda anymore?

level 3. Why is Melinda so depressed? is there any psychiatric reason for being depressed?

message 2: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly | 4 comments 1. She has to work with 'Tree' as her theme for her project. She'll either carve a tree or draw a tree. I guess she's trying to find a medium.

2. Because Heather doesn't feel bad about denying friendship with a 'loser' like Melinda. She's heartless and cares only about being seen with the good kids.

3. Melinda is just one of those negative people trying to get through freshman year. Been there, but I didn't sulk half as much. And I talked more than her, I swear! But she obviously has some problems.
..some people need meds for their depression. So sometimes it's not just pessimism, it's a condition.

message 3: by Gregg (new)

Gregg | 33 comments L1: she got assigned to do a tree. she has all year long to work on it.
L2: i have to be honest, i think i might have of skipped over that part. do you know where it would be? what pages i mean, i will gladly read it and tell you the answer. Thank you Will.
L3: She got raped...that puts a 2 ton weight on your shoulders...i would be depressed too.

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