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message 1: by *JayJay* (new)

*JayJay* name:

message 2: by *JayJay* (new)

*JayJay* name: Lathyrus Odoratus (nickname: Sweet Pea)
age: 18
species: fairy
appearence: Mediterranean looks; 6" or 5'4"; tanned, peachy skin; long, layered, brown hair w/ golden highlights; green eyes with gold specks; long, thin legs & arms; green, feathery wings w/ thin pink lines decorating it behind shoulders; wears dark green leaves around body like a one-piece suit (for formal occasions, she wears pink flowery dresses);
personality: very witty; sly; tricky; independent; & always learning;
powers: can become smaller or bigger; poisonous bite; can trick things into doing what she wants
other: n/a

message 3: by Call me Random (new)

Call me Random name: Ekalo
age: 3?
species: Trexicon(I made them up)
appearance: Leaf like ears, triangular feet, round head, small oval body, necklace w/ pink beads and a red heart.
personality: Skittish, happy, curious at times.
powers: Grass/Leaf
other: none

message 4: by Call me Random (new)

Call me Random name: Mintleaf
age: 20?
species: Trexicon
appearance: Like Mewtwo, but a green belly and two green tails, leaf mark above her right eye
personality: Kind, defensive,
powers: Grass/Leaf, Great healing w/ plants
other: Medicine Mewtwo of The Trexiconic Mewtwo Clan.

message 5: by Silver (new)

Silver name: Filia ((latin for daughter))
age: looks 14ish but who knows?
species: shape-shifter, changes from girl to unicorn to snow leapard, can also grow wings in all three forms
appearence: pale skin, white fur, silver icy eyes, white silky wings
personality: icy, dangerous, you'd want her on your side.
powers: ice, snow, etc.
other: female

name: Puella ((latin for girl))
age: ???
species: part vampire, doesn't usually long for blood though
appearence: wears black, purple nails and lips, violet eyes, black long slightly wavy hair,
personality: has an evil looking snarl most of the time, but can be fun if she's on your side
powers: magical bolts of lightning
other: female

name: regina ((latin for queen))
age: looks young, but who knows?
species: part elf, part faerie
appearence: pale skin shimmering rainbow fluffy hair thats also silky smooth, crystal eyes, silver shimmering rainbow wings, thin, weighs about 10 lb, about 4'6" tall.
personality: nervous, fun, shy
powers: can fly, can hypnotize
other: female

♥ Sarah ♥  (sarah_aka-me) | 46 comments Name: Laila
Age: 18
Gender: female
Species: shape-shifter fairy
appearance: dark brown hair(longish and wavy), pink lips, crimson, blue, brown, green and purple eyes (she only has two eyes, btw. those are just the colors in the eye) pink and magenta wings
personality: fun, mysterious
powers: can fly. Shape shifts into unicorns, humans, trackers, dragons or vampires
other: wears mostly pink, magenta, lavender, gold or black.

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