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message 1: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly | 4 comments 1. What kind of grades is Melinda getting?
2. How does Melinda cope with her problems?
3. Were you better off than Melinda in Freshman year?

message 2: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly | 4 comments uhh... the last one refers to number of friends and attitude toward school... didn't mean to ask if anyone's been raped!! >.<

message 3: by Natasha (new)

Natasha | 6 comments 1. Very poor grades and she "isn't working up to her potential," according to her guidance councilor.
2.She just keeps quiet and doesn't tell anyone. Sometimes she expresses her feelings through her art though, like with the turkey-bone-barbie-head creation.
3.I'm going to have so say that I was way better off than Melinda my Freshman year. Even though I don't have the fondest memories of that year, and it was a pretty sucky time, I wasn't as worse off as she is. I had people to talk to about my feelings and problems, and didn't have an issue speaking up if something was wrong.

message 4: by Gregg (new)

Gregg | 33 comments Q1: She isnt getting good grades...theyre getting better.
Q2: She sits in a quiet corner...doesnt talk to anybody.
Q3:mine was much better. i moved from Idaho and started all over.

message 5: by Gregg (new)

Gregg | 33 comments theyre getting worse....not better. sorry

message 6: by Tony (new)

Tony (ilikepie01) | 50 comments Mod
1. She is getting very poor grades. She was a straight "B" student before, then she started to slip failing in her classes.

2. Melinda likes to keep herself quiet and not talk to anyone else about her problems. She is very silent and not welll spoken so her thoughts are her comfort zone.

3. My freshman year in highschool was the worst year of highschool. I had a hard time making new friends because I have a disorded called Terret Syndrom which made me feel out of any comfort zone. So, I met a group of kids who did accept me for who I was. I got caught up with drugs and dealing them. I was always in trouble getting suspended a few times and getting into fights with other students. I would always skip school and never come to class to deal drugs with my "friends" I had. I was like a slave in the group. When the kids smoked in the school I would cover up the scent, so they would not get into any trouble. Cheated on test on for them and giving them the answers. So I decided to drop out of school, I skipped almost 84 days of school, because of foolish actions and attempts I did to become a better person. All of highschool is ruff, Sophmore year I cleaned my act and decided to do homeschooling and Junior year I kept to myself not making friends. I tryed my best to keep my grades up. Now I just feel happy to not be doing drugs and getting my life straighnted out.

message 7: by Gregg (new)

Gregg | 33 comments L1: she was getting decent grades at first. but, after problems at school...they start to fall. she maintains a good grade in art though.
L2: She sits in a corner, she is all alone. she gets food flung at her the first day...i wouldn't want to be around that either.
L3: My Freshman year was probably my best. i made friends that i still have today. they are originally from Goodman so i didn't get to know them from my 1 year at Kopachuck. i moved from Boise, Idaho. i had many friends over there...they weren't all good but i had them. when i started to do stupid stuff at school, i lost a lot of them. Melinda had a strong base of friends and lost them, making it seem like a bigger loss. but for me i came into high school knowing nobody. I don't know if it makes any sense but it is a lot easier to start from scratch.

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