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L1: What does Melinda find taped to her locker?

L2: What is the overall theme of the book "Speak?"

L3: To what extent does the dialog of the book relate to a typical day in high school?

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Heather (ilikepiealot316) | 9 comments Mod
Level 1: An envelope with her name on it.

Level 2: Opening up and talking about hurtful situations to heal mental and emotional wounds.

Level 3: Melinda doesn't seem interested in a lot of what actually goes on, she never pays close attention to certain aspects of her day and sort of walks around in a fog. I notice that high schoolers tend to do this a lot and how some things they are particularly perceptive to while other things they are completely oblivious to.

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Gregg | 33 comments L1:Melinda finds an envelope taped onto her locker.
L2: I think it's about the tribulations and harshness the world is on a high school girl.
L3: well i think that she knows whats going on but she has this image of high school and that is skewing her actual perceptions of what is going on around her.

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