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Maximum Ride

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message 1: by Ban (new)

Ban | 3 comments Hello Mr. Patterson. Firstly I'd like to say your Max Ride series was the first series I picked up and couldn't put down. It was quite the page turner.

I have a few questions if thats okay :)
1) There are currently 6 books out and the 7th is coming out soon. How long will the Max series be?
2) Angel isn't like any ordinary little girl. She has a creepy yet sweet side to her. Was it hard writing her considering she takes many turns?
3) Lastly, Im not sure if you can answer this. But are you planning to kill off any of your characters in the Max series?

Thank you for taking the time to ansewr my questions :D
Really love Maximum ride and I can't wait till the 7th book comes out. Hope thisngs turn out well for the flock, especially hope that the Fang and Max paring goes well :)

message 2: by Dragonrider (new)

Dragonrider | 84 comments Just wondering can you say anything about the upcoming Maximum Ride book.

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Patrick Brown | 10 comments Mod
Hey guys, if you could put these comments in the YA thread, that would great. We're trying not to start too many new threads. Thanks!

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