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What/who are your influences?

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They are everywhere. We are inspired on a sometimes daily basis and it is vital to learn from these lessons that are out there just waiting to be lapped up.

What are YOUR biggest influences? This could pertain to WRITING, to your CAREER or just your LIFE in general.

In my writing and life, I have many - I have always been attracted to the apathy and grittiness of the James Bond novels. Jack Kerouac, Sam Smith's "The Jordan Rules" - as Michael Jordan is the greatest competitor I have ever seen, The Natural by Bernard Malamud, Michael J. Fox, the Rocky story, and the Death and Return of Superman.

Comeback stories, stories about underdogs who become champions or of true winners - they inspire me.

And, since I have to have no qualms about being honest and forthright, the show One Tree Hill has actually been influential to me as well. The character of Lucas Scott - a writer and basketball player - has very, very vast similarities to me. In fact, that is where I got the last name of "Birth of a Salesman" main protagonist Vincent Scott.


Thanks, and all the best!

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Q&A with Carson V. Heady, author of "Birth of a...

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