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Catty walked down the hall to her first class.

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*JayJay* Moon looked at her schedule once more before heading into the huge front doors of her new college. It was exciting to be here and get her higher education. She was looking forward to new friends and college parties. She headed down a right hallway and into her human anatomy classroom. she thought before picking a front row seat.

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Soumya It was Jesse's second year in collage. he went to his first class of the new collage year.

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Roxy got to the campus already latw for her first class. This is why you don't live off campus. she thought as she ran to her class

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Soumya Jesse worked on the assignment the teacher gave them.

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Roxy got to class and grabbed a seat at the back of the room. Thank god this is a big class. she thought as she listened to the lecture

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Soumya Jesse saw a girl coming in the classroom.

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She worked on the assignment. She looked up and saw a guy looking at her.

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Soumya Jesse went back to work.

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Soumya ((i gtg, bye. I might be back after i'm done with my work.))

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Roxy rolled her eyes and looked backed at the assignment

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Soumya ((i'm back.))

The first class was over and Jesse was on his way to the next class.

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Roxy left the class and went to her next class. She was walking behind the guy who was staring before

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Soumya Jesse looked back and saw the same girl who he saw coming into class late, well he decided to introduce himself, " Hi, I'm Jesse."

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"I'm Roxy." she said as she walked passed him

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Soumya okay, he thought. She seems not to be interested. Whatever. and he went to his next class. suprizingly she was in the same class as he again.

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Roxy sat down near the back of the room. She looked up and saw Jesse

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Soumya ((gtg, bye.))

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She took out her notebook and pen and waited for class to start

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Soumya Jesse started working.

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Jesse probably thinks I hate him now. Roxy thought, I was pretty rude to him

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Soumya Jesse didn't say anything to Roxy because he thought that she didn't like him.

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Roxy went over to Jesse, "Um.. I'm kinda confused on what we are doing. Can you help me?" she asked

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Soumya Jesse looked up, " sure," He said and went on explaining what they were doing. " If you need any help on this assignment, tell me we can meet at the library," Jesse said.

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"Sure." Roxy said smiling, "Sorry about earlier. I didn't want to be late."

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Soumya " No problem," Jesse said.

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Soumya He was happy to see a girl talking to him which was rare. All the girls just stare at him and say nothing.

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"So the library after classes?" ROxy asked

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Soumya " Yep, if you need help," Jesse said, " I'm there everyday after all the classes are over."

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"Cool." Roxy said, "I should probably get back to my seat. Thanks for the help."

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Soumya " No problem," Jesse said and went back to his work.

Soon all the classes were over and Jesse headed for the library.

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Roxy left her last class and headed for the library.

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Soumya Jesse sat down and saw Roxy coming.

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Roxy waved to Jesse as she made her way over to him

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Soumya " Hi, you came after all," Jesse said, " Well sit down."

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Roxy sat down, "Okay so what are we suppose to do?" she asked

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Soumya ((i'm sorry, the post wouldn't save. I gtg, bye. Jesse will help Roxy once there both online again, alright? I'm sorry, bye.))

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((ok bye))

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Roxy took out her notebook and a pen

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Soumya ((what was the subject? i forgot.))

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((we never said what it was. hehe))

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Soumya ((okay.))

" Okay, so what you're supposed to do is...." Jesse helped Roxy with the work.

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Roxy listened to Jesse and let him help her.

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Soumya " Do you get how to do it now?" Jesse asked after two hours.

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"Yeah." Roxy said, "Thanks."

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Soumya " Want to be friends?" Jesse asked putting his hand out.

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"Sure." Roxy said shaking his hand.

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