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Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 2 comments This is a work in progress, title is unknown as of right now, I'll think of something as I get further into the plot. I'll post anything new I write as often as I can.

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Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 2 comments Chapter 1
I closed the door to my apartment, finishing the report that I had just received from my professor. I’ve been waiting for this report all month. The room was quiet as I read. The only noise made was the faint sound of dogs barking and car tires squealing from somewhere within the city. The city, now days, is where people come for one of three things: school, business, or refuge. The war has forced thousands of people out of their homes to refuge in other cities such as ones like mine, Taylorsville. Business always thrives where people gather, there’s lots of big buildings with salesmen attracting people off the streets and others sitting at desks all day-- that is, if they haven’t been drafted into war already. Although, we’re lucky that any business thrives at all with today’s economy. All sorts of budgets have been cut with government taking things away from people’s lives, saying that it is not needed in a world crisis such as this. This includes the education system. Education is becoming harder to come by. Only certain cities are lucky enough to have a school where are only certain people are aloud in.
That’s why I’m here.
I sat down on my bed. I let the papers fall from my hand onto the purple carpet. It was long and shaggy, stained from years of use. The paper rested still. I stared at my report, wondering why. A chilly draft came through the cracked window. Shuddering, I grabbed my sweater and draped it around myself. It smelled like popcorn, although I don’t know why, since hardly any popcorn was sold in Taylorsville. The smell was comforting however, anything was comforting at this moment. I had just received notice that I had failed my course. Failing is the worse thing anybody could do here. Many people have taken tests and tried just to get into a school for a basic education, I was lucky enough to be one of the few accepted. Now I have failed my class, failed the professor, failed at life. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. Without school I’d have to go back and work just to feed myself or possibly join the army. I wouldn’t be able to live in Taylorsville. I’d have to live out somewhere unprotected, prone to be captured by Asian enemy invaders in the country.
Trying to stay calm, I picked up my report again, staring at it. There must be some mistake, or some way to make it up. I thought of all of my assignments. True I struggled a bit, but so did everyone else. I was average among my fellow peers. I thought of my test scores. I stayed up many late nights, studying, trying to remember everything that was shoved into my head while at the same time worrying about life issues and politics. I never got perfect scores, but I’ve always tried my best.
I’ve tried to keep balance in my life. Balance in academics, social skills, and spiritual being. Worrying on my failed report was stressing me out a bit too much at the moment. I decided to take a break and try to relax. Lying down, I curled up into my usual ball, ignoring the early winter breeze that would sneak through the window. I’ve tried closing it all the way before, but for an unknown reason it was permanently stuck. My landlord, Carlos, too poor and carefree, has done nothing to fix the window. I learned to keep a couple extra blankets and jackets in handy as well as heating packets for especially cold nights. I pulled over my heavy bead spread, covering my face as well as my entire body. I pretended that I didn’t have my report yet, I pretended that I didn’t fail anything yet. I was simply waiting to have a chance to talk to my professor the next day so that I could be able to continue my education at Briggsdale Academy. I slowly started to drift away to sleep as I let the comforting thoughts into my mind.

I woke up to the distant sound of sirens the next morning. It was probably just another bombing precaution. The entire country has been running bomb drills for months now after the Russians has put up a threat. Drills were done so often now there was no point in doing it every time. It was mainly for soldiers in training at Camp Dogner two miles outside the city. I sat up, untangling myself in my long, dark brown hair. The mirror across the room showed dark circles under my eyes. It then shook, loud music started playing in the room beneath mine. I knew at once that it was Kyler.
Kyler was my neighbor, who’s apartment was right under me. He was very found of band music, hard core rock to be exact. He plays the electric bass in a band, and practices often at the most unusual times. That usually upsets our landlord. I waited, counting the seconds. Then right as I expected I heard Carlos yelling from below. The music stopped, but the yelling continued. I couldn’t make out certain words, but I had a good idea of what was being said.
I rolled myself out of bed, putting on jeans and grabbing boots. I left my popcorn smelling sweater on because it was still cold. Carlos and Kyler were still at it downstairs. I grabbed my backpack, putting my report in the front pocket, and left my apartment for Carlos’s little shop on the main floor.
“Good morning, Sarah.” Anita, Carlos’ wife, was attending the cash register inside their little food mart.
“Good morning,” I replied. I grabbed a wrapped muffin and took it over to the register.
“Almost time for snow to come to the valley.” Anita scanned the muffin and handed it back to me. I paid her in return.
“That time of year again.” I agreed, fixing my sweater. I dreaded this time of year. Always cold, dark, and lonely… just like a wounded soldier left out on the battlefield after a fight, slowly dying.
“Also the time of year for the end of the semester. Have you gotten your report yet?” Anita has always supported me in my schooling. If it weren’t for her convincing Carlos to let me stay I would be living somewhere else, going to a different school.
“Uh, not yet. I’m going to see my professor to talk to him about it today.” I lied, opening my muffin and taking a bite. I was pretty good at lying. I’ve never been caught before, and Anita won’t catch this one. I can’t tell Anita that I failed. Then there would be no reason to continue to let me live here any longer.
“I see, it is a good idea to go talk to him.” She had a slight spanish accent to her English. She also kept her black shiny hair cropped short and always wore a yellow shirt of some kind. Anita always believed in keeping a positive attitude and yellow reminded her of everything happy; so she made sure to wear yellow everyday. It’s not a bad idea, I wanted to try to be more positive. I’ve always admired that trait about Anita. Before we could continue our conversation, Kyler came tramping through the door followed by Carlos.
“-because it is loud and disrupts the living of others here!” Carlos was furious.
Kyler stopped at the counter and turned to face Carlos. “It does NOT bother the living of others, the others have all moved out so the only person left here is Sarah Murdock… and she’s not even HERE most of the time!”
Carlos turned to me “Doesn’t his… his NOISE bother you when you’re studying?”
“I usually go to the library to take care of my studies.” I took another bite of my muffin.
“SEE she’s never here!” Kyler pointed his finger at me.
“But doesn’t it disrupt you… when you try to sleep, like this morning?” Carlos asked me again.
With my mouth full, I shook my head no.
“HAH!” Kyler left up the stairs to go back to his room.
“ARGH!” Carlos stomped off in the opposite direction.
“Excuse me,” Anita politely excused herself and went after Carlos.
Alone in the shop, I decided it was no use in staying any longer. I took another bite and put the rest of the muffin in its wrapper inside my backpack and left.

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Garrett  (BuBbLz94xXxXx) | 1 comments i like it.

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Paige (thewordshakermockingjay) Really good so far!!

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