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* Self-love is the hallmark of a good person.

* “Duty is an unchosen obligation. A free man chooses his responsibilities.”

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Ilyn Ross (ilyn_ross) | 538 comments Mod
“God is all-good and all-loving. He is not a sadist. Neither is He malevolent nor whimsical. He is just, firm, and steadfast. His creations share the same attributes: nature is governed by laws that are unchanging.

Every creation of God has an identity that was, is, will always be, and had to be. Whether a man’s understanding of nature is real or not, true or false, right or wrong, depends on its correspondence to a thing’s identity.

God is so benevolent that the laws of nature are absolute. They are not subject to change by time, whims, or even by prayers. They are not open to anyone’s choice. They remain constant to the good as well as to evil.

God is so just that the laws of nature are knowable by every man. They are not revelations arbitrarily disclosed to a favored few. God is so loving that He has gifted man with the faculties to understand nature.

Every man who chooses to use God’s endowments reaps benefits. Those who do not constantly fear the unknown; they follow, copy, or repeat mindlessly. In the face of alternatives, they are never certain whom to imitate or what to borrow. They might choose to rule those who do use their minds, by force, or by the thinkers’ overly generous goodwill or unearned guilt.

It is necessary to build defensive structures against those who might use force.”

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“The people on this boat, the Georgia Knox, are heroes. A hero knows the power of the mind. He respects and seeks ideas. He appreciates knowledge. He lives by reason and logic.

A hero trades – he is neither a master nor a slave. He is an independent thinker – he is neither a power seeker nor a mindless follower.

A hero admires other people’s abilities. He is happy.

His morality is self-interest based on reality and reason. In such a morality, would the interests of individuals ever clash? No, because no self-respecting person would ever desire the unearned or the forced. A moral man does not loot or defraud. He is loyal to ideas and to values, not to specific men or to a group. He respects every man’s freedom. He does not rule. He cannot be ruled.

Ron speaks of a God who is all-good and all-loving. May God bless these heroes.”

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"... Tony, Leo, Ron, Burt, and men like them do not compare themselves to anyone. They think they are good based on their own standards. Each thinks, ‘I am good.’ Period. ‘I think and work to the best of my ability.’ Period. Bill and men like him value good people. They revere men of ability. They think that it is in their interest that good people exist and prosper. Moral men do not vanquish people who do not think as they do. Ali and Anton spoke of freedom. Mr. Hunsec, you were free to be evil for as long as you did not impose your evil on anyone. You were free to reap the consequences of your evil for as long as you kept your hands off other people.”

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“Reason is the faculty that deals with the perception of reality, while faith is the claim to a non-sensory means of knowledge. Principles and values derived from faith are often accepted without question even in the face of contrary evidence, while reason deals with facts and employs the method of non-contradictory identification.

Faith has been used to further ignorance, enshrine irrationality, and exploit people. With faith, there is no necessity for justification. Force is its corollary.

But if one's personal faith holds reason as its top value, then, faith and reason are not incompatible. If one's personal faith holds the life, freedom, and happiness of each human being as the most sacred of values, then, reason and faith can coexist, parallel to each other, in the same man.

This man uses reason for everything that can be explained, while his faith holds on to dreams that inspire him to live.

Faith in a God who is all-good and all-loving, who treasures each man, endowing him with a mind capable of understanding man's nature, the Earth, and the universe.

Faith in a God who so loves man that He respects his freedom of choice.

Faith that God shares the most sacrosanct of values: each man's life, his freedom, and his happiness here on Earth. Faith that Heaven and Earth are one and the same.

Faith that human life goes on until eternity, that everything is possible to man. Faith in miracles -

Think of a miracle. Believe that God has given the means to achieve it. Think, and find out the facts. Think, with the clarity of purpose. Let the vision of a miracle be a beacon to guide your actions. Think, and then act. Act with the confidence that miracles do happen to doers who strive to actualize them.

Rejoice! Angels do exist in our midst, though it takes the highest of virtues to recognize them.

Heaven on Earth can be achieved when reason reigns.”

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The three boys followed Lola into the boat which flew the flag with the ‘I’. Ivan explained to Jay, “Tony owns the boats that fly the gold, silver, and black flag. Lola and I own this boat. The letter ‘I’ on our flag stands for ‘Ivan’ and for ‘the Individual’.”

“It also stands for ‘Independence’, for independent thinkers who respect individual rights,” Lola added. “People who prefer ‘WE’ over ‘I’ dread independence and feel a frantic desire to belong. Instead of using their own minds, they trust the wisdom of others; they stick to traditions; they copy or obey; they are loyal to their respective groups rather than to values; they take the unearned – they loot.”

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“I understand,” Anton reflected. He had deep-blue earnest eyes like his brother, Ali. “I will save or help good people because it is in my own interest that the good live and prosper. But I would not sacrifice myself, nor guilt myself for not doing so.”

“I won’t ever want anyone to sacrifice for me,” added Ali. “If Father or Mother dies saving Anton or me - that is not sacrifice since they value us more than their lives.”

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“It is not God’s will that you hurt anyone.”

“I am well-versed on the Holy Book. Those who influence people to disobey the Holy Teachings must be punished. Those who flaunt that they do not need God, those who worship pleasure and science, must be made to see the error of their ways. I must defend God’s will.”

“God does not need defenders. He does not punish. Every act or inaction of man has inevitable consequences; God lets man go through those consequences. The Lord gifted us with free will. ___, follow His example. Do not force your beliefs on others. Do not let Alisa and Lola die.”

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“A cycle of benevolence and the power of science bring about beatitude on Earth.”

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“My mind delights in challenges. I pleasure in competence, in achievement. Nothing else matters.”

- Tony Connor

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Ron understood Alisa’s words perfectly. “Heaven has to be earned,” Ron thought. “It is earned by using the mind, by employing logic, by nurturing every man’s life and freedom, and by consistently upholding and acting on one’s convictions.”

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____ watched ____ experiment with the submersible using the solar device for fuel energy. The electricity that had become familiar coursed through her body. She thought, “I’ve loved my work and everyone back home. Life has been wonderful, and I have been happy. Now, you fill my world with so much wonder and pleasure. You are my reward for every good thing I’ve ever done, and for everything in my mind that shines through my eyes.” She looked at his hands handling the solar device. “You are my fuel. Every part of me throbs with excitement. You fill me with energy… to think up and pursue great wonders, to dream up miracles, to create a world where no one could harm you, where you could be let alone to be as you are now before me… ”

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Burt’s mother, Mrs. Rose Milton, spoke of political and intellectual leaders who had perverted the concept of individual rights. “They put forth that every man should have equal pay regardless of merit, that no one man should own a house unless all men have a home, that a bum deserves the same regard as a hard thinking, hard working man.”

She talked about men of faith devoid of reason. “Leaders of different faiths have moved away from the belief of an all-good and all-loving God. They preach about an insecure being who wants praises and rewards humility, of a sadist who punishes and delights in people’s suffering. They ascribe the consequences of bad decisions to divine retribution. They say that the rewards for good actions cannot be reaped here on Earth, but only in the afterlife. Their incessant actions to stifle the mind betray a profound lack of faith.”

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Mr. Thomas asked about Ari’s practice. The elders were very proud of what Ethan, Collin, and Ari had achieved. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas did not volunteer information about Frank, and the others did not ask.

Before the group parted, Ethan conveyed bad news. “Cattle and poultry have been wiped out in the Saviors’ Isle. Several elderly people died, including Mother, Kori’s parents, and Ali’s father. Santo Sacrificio constantly reminds the people that suffering is a blessing.”

Ari had come to understand why the Saviors’ Isle was so different from the paradise once inhabited by the heroes. He thought, “A hero fights suffering. A moral man’s goal is happiness. It is the height of irrationality and self-abasement to think that suffering is a value.”

Ethan also shared a letter from Josef’s eleven-year-old daughter:

“Dear Uncle Ethan,

May I thank you and your wife for your kindness when we visited Senna to see a doctor?

I have lost sight in my right eye. I am very busy committing every detail of every object and place to memory. My grandparents think my malady is retribution for the years I shunned the place of worship. I have been attending prayer sessions lately because Mother bursts into tears whenever I refuse. But I have told everyone I am not sad, I am not in pain, and I am not suffering.

I have gained valuable information from the congregation’s stories. It was said that the sources of the materials used to build the Balian tower and the big boats were not spared from God’s wrath, that those sources located deep down the earth were buried forever. Father has since explained about mining and I have decided: mining is my vocation.

Until I see you again,

Josephine Schwartz”

“What a courageous child,” everyone thought. Ari vowed to study eye diseases to find a cure for Josephine.

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"... I was blind because I did not use my own mind. Independent thinking has set me free!”

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Kris I agree with message 9 quote because helping others and thinking scientifically is an essential aspect of how i live my life.

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Hello Kristina,

Welcome to "To the Glory of Man". Thank you for joining us.

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