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message 1: by Jamie (JK), Houdini Mod (new)

Jamie (JK) (eimajtl) | 703 comments Mod
On average, how long does it take you to get the book? I'm wondering if I should start nominations and voting earlier to allow for more time to get books if you order online.

message 2: by Katt_goddess (new)

Katt_goddess | 267 comments Honestly depends on the time of year and when payday is. I go right by B&N almost every day so it's just a matter of being able to stop there to see if they have a particular book. If they don't, it's however long it would take for them to order it if I decide to go that route. In the late spring, summer and fall I'm on a bike so it's easy to stop but once winter sets in, it'll be more along the lines of whether I'm walking home after work or getting a lift. If I'm getting a ride, I normally don't request side trips.

message 3: by Jingai (new)

Jingai | 56 comments It depends on the book, but I can generally get it
within a week or so from the library.
I don't buy books that I don't know for certain
I'll read multiple times, so I use the library,
it is much more convenient for me. Worst case scenario
is inter-library loan, which would be about three weeks.

message 4: by Jamie (JK), Houdini Mod (new)

Jamie (JK) (eimajtl) | 703 comments Mod
Seems like starting the nominations and all this early is good then. Maybe I'll start it a week into the month next time - that would give people a full week to get the book.

You can certainly start them any time, but this would give people a chance to start at the beginning of the month.

message 5: by Mary (last edited Nov 15, 2010 10:10PM) (new)

Mary (med401) | 234 comments I also use the library if I can. But I'm in a small town with smaller towns surrounding so sometimes that's impossible even using inter-library loan. Or it's on a long check out and there's only one copy.

So then I have to buy. If it's a popular enough book I can get it from a store but we do not have a book store per se. Only target, walmart, etc. So next choice, order it. Edit: I should add I'm too poor for express shipping so, that takes usually a week at least.

Short answer: It all depends.
I've got my hands on the book in two days, or the worst so far, almost a month.

message 6: by Jamie (JK), Houdini Mod (new)

Jamie (JK) (eimajtl) | 703 comments Mod

I think next month I'll start the nominations at the beginning of the second week in the month. That'll be three weeks total for everything.

Week 1 - Nominating
Week 2 - Voting
Week 3 - Acquiring the book (course this can go on throughout December as well)

message 7: by Dian, Crazy Nooooob Mod! :D (new)

Dian | 440 comments Mod
haha Mary i like your answer, in short it all depends.

That sums up my situation too. If i can get it from the library i will, but often they dont have it, so if they dont i have to wait to see if i have money to go to the bookstore. i am lucky that i have plenty of bookstores within 30 miles of me that i can drive to and get a copy but i dont always have money. thats when i tend to disappear for awhile cause i cant read along.

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