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J.J. Murray (johnjmurray) | 250 comments Mod
My wife asks me: "What are you doing?" I used to say "typing," which is, in general, what a writer does at a laptop. Recently she said, "Have you been noveling?"

Thus we have some new terms:

novel -ed, -ing, v., to create/write a novel; "I novel in my spare time" ... "I have been noveling since 1998."

Using this construction, we can also have:

poem -ed, -ing, v., to create/write a poem; "I poem in my spare time" ... "I have been poeming since I was a lad."

story -ed, -ing, v., to create/write a short story; "I story in my spare time" ... "I have been storying since I was a lad."

Can you think of any others?

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JC (ainathiel) There is the universal google.
which is defined at the search engine ( I don't know the correct tech term) and looking up a person place or thing

ie. I googled the directions. We googled you.

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) | 68 comments I coined a term for my sister being such a social person. I say she is Austenizing. It comes from Jane Austen's books, where the characters are constantly visiting each other at home, having parties, going on walks, attending dances and dinners, etc. So, my sister is Austenizing.

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