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Opal Koboi

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message 1: by Brandon (new)

Brandon how does the opal deception or arctic incedent happen if opal is still in the future and knows of artemis fowl? either eoin is making a sequel with that as the outcome or he made a very stupid mistake.

Laura I think he is just setting up for another book. Lol that would be a pretty big problem if Opal wasn't there for Opal Deception!

Nick Yes, that was an enormous plot hook left dangling at the end of the story, when they only find her helmet. The tricky part is going to be figuring out how to erase HER memory before she invalidates the previous books...or is that future books, from her viewpoint?

Aidan I figure that it is going to invalidate the other books. Like, the opal deception never happened in this future or something. The next book will sum it up, I'm hoping.

message 5: by Redpath (last edited Oct 13, 2008 06:40PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Redpath hmmmmm.....I'm not sure what to think......He can't just invalidate the Opal Deception!! That book is already written and being sold....It will just confuse people. He's going to have to work hard to fix this one...

Nick See, that's the basic problem of a time travel story. If you permit the possibility of a time paradox, the ripples spread throughout your readers until they all vanish in a puff of improbability.
In this case, he has to find a way to put Opal back in the right time, but in a way that still lets the other stories happen.
I think he's a good enough writer to pull it off, but it will still be difficult to make it convincing. What worries me is that he has pulled a couple of clunkers in the past, in his non-Artemis books.

Riley Personally everything makes more sense more now like how Artemis found out about fairies in the first place. N01 didn't totally wipe his mind so he remembers something and thats what starts the res of the series. Oh and about Koboi of course she gets sent back with a mind wipe in preperation for the Opal Deception. Oh and of couse there will be another book believe me.
After all I thought the series was over on the Lost Colony and however many years later I am looking up Artemis Fowl and find this. He will most certainly pull this off for it is obvious how well the other books tie in. Without Artemis the elder travelling back in time Artemis the younger would have never known anything about fairies. I've always wondered how Artemis found out about fairies and this book explained that to me without any chinks. Now the series in general makes so much more sense and I see now how this was planned out very well from the beggining.

Bella Wait. Did they ever send Opal back to the past?! Gosh, I can't remember. Well, if they didn't then just throw a rock at he head to give her a concussion, and toss her back into the past! Problem solved.

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