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message 1: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (kristicoleman) I read this book back in the late 80's, it was a harlequin romance. It was about a woman, a man and a child. As the book progresses the man starts to learn sign language, but at one point he is totally not paying attention and she starts Signing about sharks in the swimming pool, and then totally goes off. I'm pretty sure she was a teacher for his child?? Any Ideas?

message 2: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey (thisisthatverymab) | 76 comments Is it Eloquent Silence by Sandra Brown (used the pseudonym Rachel Ryan at the time) by any chance?

Here's a description:

"Millions of women adored him: Drake Sloan, star ofAmerica's favorite soap opera. But Lauri Parrish knew the kind of man he was-selfish, egotistical, arrogant. She knew from the moment they met.

Well, he wasn't her concern. As a gifted teacher of the deaf, Lauri knew where she could make a real difference--in his daughter's life. She would take the job, move to New Mexico, and give little Jennifer the special tutoring--as well as the love and attention--she so badly needed. Lauri would open her heart to the child, but could she harden herself against the emotions the father aroused in her? How long could she remain deaf to the silent cries of her own heart, blind to her own insistent, passionate needs?"

Hope this is it! Good luck!

message 3: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (kristicoleman) I think this is it! Thanks!! This has been bugging me for YEARS!!

message 4: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (kristicoleman) I read this book, and it's close, but not the right book...anyone else have any suggestions?

message 5: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Vegan (lisavegan) | 1396 comments Kristi, I took the wrong book off our shelves. I hope that someone can find the correct book for you.

message 6: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (kristicoleman) No problem...I'd just love to read this book again!

message 7: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (kristicoleman) Anyone else have an idea??

message 8: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 40227 comments Mod
So is she a sign language teacher for his child? The child is deaf? Or are they just learning/speaking sign language because they feel like it?

message 9: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 40227 comments Mod
Kristi has left the group, so moving to Abandoned.

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