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Jace walked down the street.

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Jess sighed

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Jace walked into a bar.

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Jess walked around.

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Savannah (savvy15) Sarah walked down the street

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Jace sat at the bar and looked around.

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Blake walked around.

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He saw Avery and walked towards her.

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He smiled."Hey Im Blake.You?"

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"Nice to meet you to." He put out his hand.

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"Sounds good."

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He opened the door for her.

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"No probs.What would you like?"

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"K."He ordered two of those.

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"Sooooo.How are you?"

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"Good." He sipped of his drink."So.Lets get to know more bout you."

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"How old are you?"

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"Cool.One more question."

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"Whats the flaw in your body?Your perfect."

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"Nothing is wrong with your body.

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"Very nice looking."

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Jace yawned. "No one interesting is around."

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He smiled."So what shall we do now?"

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((can i jump in?))

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((You can))

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Amelie was walking down town to meet her manager.

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Jace walked out of the bar.

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Amelie looked down at her phone and bumped into someone. "Oh I'm sorry." She said slowly looking up

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"It's all right." Jace said with a little dismissive wave.

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Amelie nodded and moved to keep walking.

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Jace watched her for a second then went on. Then next day he went to a coffee shop.

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Amelie was working behind the counter. She looked up and smiled. "Hey."

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"Oh. Hello again." Jace said with a grin.

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"So what can I get for you?" Amelie asked as she pulled out a little note pad and a pen

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"I'll have a black coffee and a blue berry muffin." He said.

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Amelie looked at him. "Your weird but okay." She put the note pad back and the pen on the counter. "What size cup of coffee? To stay or to go?"

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"I'll have a medium, to stay thank you." He said. "And how am I weird?"

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"Big muffin? Small muffin? In-between muffin?" Amelie asked not answering his question

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"Medium, and you are dodging my question."

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"You want nothing in your coffee. That is weird to me. I would add like half a pound of sugar if I could have coffee." Amelie said turning to get his cup of coffee

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"That's what I thought the sugar packets are for." Jace said.

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Amelie shook her head. "But I have the good stuff back here. That is all fake sugar. I have real sugar back here." Amelie said putting his coffee ont he counter and went over to the muffins and grabbed him one. "It will be $5.28"

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Jace pulled out $5.30

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Amelie took it and took out the two pennies. "Want them?"

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"Yes please." He said, holding his hand out.

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Amelie moved her and over his and opened it slowly so they went into his hand.

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"Thanks." He said, pocketing the money. He then grabbed his drink and muffin. "How much is it for the real sugar?"

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Amelie pulled out a little box and handed it to him. "Free if you ask me. If you ask anyone else. They will chanrge you about 2 dollars."

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"Wow. Thanks." he said, pouring a third of sugar into the cup.

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