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Maggie | 11 comments I really enjoyed reading Rules! It is a wonderful story about the struggles of a girl trying to adjust to middle school life and her autistic brother at the same time. The way the story is written is both engaging and easy to read, so it would be a fantastic book for children in late elementary school through middle school to read. Children are always perplexed by other children that have disabilities—they know that something is different about a child with disabilities, but they don’t know exactly what and they don’t know how to deal with it. This book would be a useful way to introduce children to different types of disabilities, the struggles with dealing with disabilities, and the compassion required to accept children with disabilities. This is a wonderful resource for teachers to teach diversity and acceptance!

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Kathleen | 13 comments Rules was an outstanding book! I thoroughly enjoyed it a lot! The author was very good at being descriptive with details and it made me feel as if I was the young girl dealing with these same issues myself. It was such a real life, typical story that most children could relate to, or so I felt. You don't have to have a sibling or close family friend to understand what it may be like for this young girl. Her struggles with her friends are typical of a middle school child as well, also making it easily relative to most children. It is good to teach some disabilities in the classroom so that children are more knowledgeable and understand, also to prevent children being picked on as well.

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Brianne Hough | 12 comments Rules is a book that I have loved reading this semester. I read it for EDUC 413 as well and I just adore the story. It is a great story about accepting people, love, disabilities, etc... The boy reminds me of a more extreme version of my brother, which is why I identify with the girl. I also thought it was well written. I love books that have characters with autism, although most of them that I have read have been from the perspective of the child with the disability. This was a fresh perspective on a topic that I am already interested in!

I love Rules!

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